Affordable Homeschool Providers in the Philippines

Peniel Integrated Christian Academy Homeschooling Program Last academic year, we decided to finally transfer Yesha to Peniel. We paid around 18,500 Php, which is lower than our previous homeschool provider. Little did I know, that every year the school administration offers early bird promo to continuing student. So last October, I received an email informing the parents of the promos …

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INFJ Diary, Motherhood

Second pregnancy is harder than the first, in my experience

I thought my second pregnancy would just be like the first, wherein I breezed through the experience and was able to maintain a socially active life. But I was wrong. I experienced pregnancy symptoms which I haven’t experienced with my previous pregnancy. I went through nausea, vomiting, sensitive sense of smell, whole day morning sickness, bloating and stomach acidity, pregnancy …

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