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10 Negative Emotions , Their Messages and Solutions

Yesterday I attended a Christmas Recollection at RCW that tackled mostly on negative emotions. I really learned a lot including the different control dramas, which refers to the behaviors of people who unconsciously steal energy from us, the difference between affirmations and afformations, and the Therapeutic Spiral Model.
But as for now I would like to share the notes I had taken on the 10 negative emotions, their messages and solutions. A lot of people hate feeling these emotions but this note will show us that negative emotions can be our allies towards a fulfilling life.
Message: Boredom, impatience, unease, distress or mild embarrassment are all sending you a message.
Solution: Clarify what you want and communicate it clearly.
             Message: Anticipation that’s something’s going to happen
             Solution: Preparation
             Message: There are expectations not met, sense of loss
             Solution: Communicate feelings of loss; let go of wanting to hurt self through self-victimization
Message: There is an important rule, right or standard that you uphold in your life has been validated.
Solution: Own anger, check/change perception, change procedure and change behavior.
            Message: Signal indicating that your brain believes you could do better than you currently did.
Solution: Consider frustration your friend; brainstorm on new ways to get the result you want; consult someone and be open to learn.
Message: Make changes, let go or change expectations to make them more appropriate for the present situation and set to achieve new goals.
Message: Tells you that you have violated one of your highest standards and that you must do something immediately to ensure that you don’t violate it again.
Solution: Acknowledge that you have violated a critical standard you hold for yourself, forgive yourself and let go. Then commit to ensuring consistency with your highest personal standard or values.
Message: You don’t have presently have a level of skill necessary for the task at hand and you need to acquire the necessary information and understanding strategies.
Solution: Own your feeling, check what needs to change in your perception. Commit to CANI (Constant And Never-ending Improvement) in this area and get a coach or a mentor.
Overload or Overwhelm
Message: Means you need to reevaluate what you really need to prioritize or what is truly most important to you in the situation.
            Solution: Own your feeling, decide what to focus on, make a list prioritizing what must be done.
            Message: You need a connection with people.
Solution: Realize that you can reach out and make a connection as there are caring people everywhere. Being lonely means you really value relationships.
My favorite negative emotion is FEAR but it had been long enough that I was able to turn it into a friend. Because of fear I became more dependent on God and it had always helped me work hard so I can prepare for an unknown future that might possibly happen.
What about you, what can be your favorite negative emotion?

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