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2011 Review

Every year I make it a point to review my past year so I won’t be wondering where did my time go. And last December 29, 2010 I wrote a blog “Gearing Up for 2011” in preparation for the year 2011. As I read my blog, I was saddened that I wasn’t able to accomplish most of the goals I wrote. BUT, I’ve also done things that are not written in my 2011 goals.

Here are our family’s accomplishments for the year:

On Marriage
1. Melbert passed the 2011 Real Estate Licensure Exam last March 18 and is now a Real Estate Broker.
2. I’ve read two marriage books and been applying what I learned to our marriage but sometimes I still have shortcomings.
3. I’ve been doing our weekly menu and marketing. Never done this during my single life.
4. We were able to attend the 2011 Kerygma Conference on Marriage and Family Stream.
5. We have been doing our weekly dates, but sometimes thrice a month.

On Motherhood
6. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl last April 15.
7. On the last week of May, we had Yesha’s Christening where 200+ relatives and friends came.
8. It’s been 8 months since I am being a full time mom. Right now, I can see how Yesha is growing as a healthy baby girl, people lover, conversationalist and a sweet daughter. I was also able to exclusively breastfed her from the day she was born. She’s been hitting her milestones on time and sometimes in advance.
9. I have started preparing for her first birthday party where we already have reserved a venue and host, researched for a decor, finalized the party theme and laid out the plans.

On Spirituality
10. We only had few absences in The Feast and still serving as lectors and Caring Group Heads.
11. We have established relationships with other young couples.

As an Individual
12. I was able to organized an EB meeting for wives who have read The Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood and also made new friends.
13. I have made a decision to be active in Real Estate business, either as a broker or as an agent.
14. I was able to create a website for Amaia Skies and DMCI projects.

~ ~ ~

Now about my blog last year, yes we were able to buy a sewing machine but I use it rarely. And the expansion that we’ve been planning will not push through as of now. And the Toastmasters, I think it will have to wait. But Ebet will attend one early January.

~ ~ ~

Looking back on my year 2011, I can say that it’s not really bad at all. But as they say, there’s always room for improvement like on my spiritual and community service aspects.


  1. hi sis nova! wow i like this beautiful post ^^ God bless you and your family.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ^^

  2. Thank you sis kris! God bless and have a wonderful new year ahead =)

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