A Christmas Date

I was supposed to go home to my family of origin at Malabon yesterday and will stay there till the first of January. But after a Christmas date with Melbert I decided to stay with him since I can’t live him alone for three days. He can’t go with me since he has to assist Dadi at the store.

 I had a great time last night that my love tank almost spilled. We had a dinner at the Old Spaghetti House. That was my first time to eat there. I and Melbert enjoyed the pasta and pizza a lot plus I find the place so warm, cozy and romantic. When we’re at the mall we usually eat at either the food court or on fast food restaurants but since this is a Christmas date we agreed to splurge a little. I just hoped we arrived there earlier so we get to enjoy the place and the ambiance a little longer. But too bad the movie we’ve been planning to see will start in an hour. 
And yes we watched Rosario, one of the Metro Manila Film Fest entries. Ebet got intrigued with the movie because first and foremost it was produced by Manuel Pangilinan, a budding business tycoon. And second, he heard from the radio interview that Rosario is something that can be compared to Hollywood productions. Sad story indeed but we enjoyed the movie anyway. Great design and production, the audio visual is excellent compared to other local movies. We hope that Manuel Pangilinan will produce more quality movies such as Rosario to somehow alleviate the image of local movies.
 All in all a wonderful night indeed. It doesn’t matter really what restaurant are we going to eat or what movie are we gonna watch, the only thing that matter is Ebet and I are together.
Yours Truly,

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