A Gentleman’s Dignity Review: Korean Drama

Love, love love A gentleman’s dignity! I so enjoyed the series, the friendship, the characters and most specially the love relationship of Gim Do Jin and Seo Woo.

At first I was hesitant to watch it knowing that the main casts are already in their 40’s. But when I started watching the first episode, there was no stopping me.

The story is a fresh breathe of air as it takes you deep down to the friendship of four men and their love stories which were all filled with challenges. But in the end, love will always win.

The Characters

Jang-Dong-gun Kim Do Jin (Jang Dong Gun)– Though he started as a play boy, in the story he showed strength in character when he was able to take a 180 degree change for Seo Yi-soo. And despite Seo Woo’s disinterest towards him, Gim Do Jin persevered with his unrequited love for her.

The toughest challenge he has faced, was discovering that he already had a 20 year old son. And that was a total shock to him. But he willingly faced and took on his responsibility to his child.


Kim-Soo-ro as Im Tae-sanIm Tae San (Kim Soo-ro) – He was Seo Yi-soo’s love interest but he was in love with her friend, Se Rah. Tae San’s strength lies on his faithfulness and ability to accept Se Rah for what she is. There has been twist and turns with their relationship due to Se Rah’s strong personality. But in the end they both willingly compromise.

Tae San’s character as a brother showed dedication to the welfare of his only younger sister. He sent her to good school and tried to protect him from Chae Eun and his past.


Kim Min-jong A Gentleman's Dignity

Choi Eun (Kim Min-jong)– Chae Eun, a lawyer by profession, has the most amiable and gentle personality among the four. He found himself in love with Tae San’s younger sister which was a big dilemma as Tae San won’t allow a relationship between them. Chae Eun was torn between his friendship with Tae San and love for his sister. In the end, Chae Eun mustered his courage to pursue his sister. At first, it raged Tae San but eventually he learned to approved it and finally the two got married.



a gentleman's dignityJung Rok (Lee Jong-hyuk)– He was a married man and yet he has always put her wife to pain by going out with different women. Together with his friends, they are always at the mercy of his wife as she is the land lady of their offices. In the end, Seo Rok realized how much he loves his wife and was able to become faithful.


All their characters along with the ladies are very interesting. There was never a dull scene in this series. In some drama that I watched, I tend to fast forward scenes that are quite a drag. But in this program, I never found myself pressing the forward button.

I love the story and the characters they portrayed. If you’re looking for a Korean Drama to watch, you should put A Gentleman’s dignity on your list.


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