A Memorable Valentine’s Night

I was so touched at how the seven brother-husbands turned the PIA roof deck into a romantic rendezvous. This is where we meet every Thursday night for a caring group meeting.  It was a valentine’s date that they creatively planned, strategized and carefully implemented.

Before it all began, these  men went downstairs and like a SWAT team, they stealthily executed their plans. Suddenly the lights turned dim, emphasizing the dark skyline covering us and the bright city lights sprawled below us.

Moments later, one by one, the men unceremoniously marched with a tray of food on their raised palms, a long stemmed rose in between their lips and a red apron on their front bodice.

Then these husband-waiters served the foods on the red mantled tables, approached their wives, kissed and hugged them as they greeted them a sweet “Happy Valentines.”

The meal was served over a candle lit dinner where music filled the air. A fine dining of paper plates and plastic spoon and fork with delightful and delicious food. It really gave my tummy a filling satisfaction. The simple program didn’t just end there. Individually, the hubbies went in front and serenaded all of us.

I won’t cease at being amazed at this idea that they came about. We knew they have something prepared for us, but what they did was beyond our expectations.

I know we all share the same feeling of appreciation and gratitude to the men in our lives. So to our brother-husbands, thank you thank you thank you for making this valentines a lovely and memorable night for us. Truly, you guys know how to be romantic!


  1. Their soo thoughtful talaga sis! Happy Heart’s Day to you too! =)

  2. Oh my sooooooooooo romantic. This is the kind of things most women are longing to experience.

  3. For a somewhat commercialized occasion, they really upped the ante on this one! Galing! Kung lahat ng husbands lang ganito, ano? Hihi.

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