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A New Bamboo Tree for our Home

Hubby and I went to 999 mall in Divisoria this month. I was glad he tagged me along with him to run an errand for our garment business.

He lured me that it was our date, so I agreed though I was lazy to go. But deep inside of me, I was thinking of another agenda. I want to buy a plastic plant that I plan to put in the living room or at the foot of our stairs. I’ve been really itching to have one.

I was actually visualizing a green, leafy plastic plant or a gnarled, brown stem for my living room that stands about five feet tall. But then as I was checking out the plant store in 999 mall, a bamboo plant caught my attention.

The bamboos cost 10 peso each and the vase costs 450. Since I took 40 pieces of bamboos, I shelled out a total of 800 pesos for this set. The price is wholesale and discounted already. Maybe I could have gotten it for a cheaper price had I been talented in haggling. Unfortunately, I am not.

Anyways, the moment we arrived home, I was so giddy to see how it will look like inside our house. After trying the bamboo plant on three different places – beside our living room shelf, beside the door, and at the foot of our stairs – I finally settled on the last location.
So here it is:


It looks small on this photo though, but it stands about five feet tall. This bamboo plant lightens me up whenever I go up and down the stairs. It has a feel of zen and nature in it. Or maybe because it’s just new, that’s why I feel charmed.

Nevertheless, I’m really delighted with my new purchase 🙂


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