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A new doggie in our lives

We’ve got a new family member – a beagle!

One time I saw my husband checking out dogs for sale at OLX. He was just checking it out and has no intention to buy. During that time I was depressed, perhaps because of PMS or my difficult school requirements. So I joined him in browsing photos of dogs, until I decided that I want one, I want a dog. I was feeling lonely and was thinking that a dog will make me happy. That was irrational of me of course. Apparently, hubby refused, he said that he`s controlling himself not to buy anything and he was just browsing. Now here am I, a person proclaiming with a strong impulse control, making a decision impulsively. But I wouldn`t budge. I texted one seller and asked about their beagle. And then finally, hubby said, “okay, okay, I`ll look for a cheaper beagle.” So I went “yay!”

Oh I know he liked it too, he`s been dreaming of having his own dog because he never experienced having one while growing up. Awwww….

So after a few days, exactly my birthday, we fetched Aiki from his previous owner. We instantly fell in love upon laying our eyes on her. At first, hubby and I were worried – what if she struggled and doesn`t want to come near us. It turned out that it was a trivial worry. Aiki`s so sweet and friendly and very curious, she let hubby carry her without any protest. Inside the car, she was very meek. She was quivering and her tail was tucked down, so Yesha and I hugged her and comforted her.


Now it`s been more than a month since Aiki is with us. Although she was an impulse purchase, we had not any slightest buyer`s remorse. My daughter super loves her! Yesha would squeal with delight while playing with Aiki. Almost everyday I would here her say, “mommy, Aiki is a cute puppy.”

Apart from that, Yesha and I have a stronger reason to go out and socialize more. We walk down the street, go to the church, and visit our relatives. Before, I was weighed down with laziness to go out. But since it is a necessity to walk the dog, we really have to march down the street.

Having a dog added more rhythm to our family life. Every morning, hubby and Yesha would walk and tire Aiki out. And every afternoon, it would be the mommy-daughter tandem. With the walking and running, we also get to exercise. Plus, it definitely lessens our screen time.

Having said all these, how could I regret having Aiki in our lives? This may probably be our honeymoon stage with this beagle, but one thing we’re sure about is that, we really love this dog like a real family member now. It’s like hubby and I have a new toddler – a toddler forever. It’s an added responsibility, yes. But a responsibility worth doing nonetheless. Aiki, for sure, is adding more joy and value to our family life.


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