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A Reflection on Life Purpose

It was the first week of January. My friends and I were at the backseat of the car, going to Baguio. We were updating each other about classmates, friends, and people we commonly know. And right there and then, I learned about a batchmate who met a car accident that took her young, precious life.

I gasped at the mention of it. I was shocked and surprised. I couldn’t believe it. It was Welmarian. We weren’t close, but I’ve been in their block for one semester.

I remember the way she smiled; the way her dimple crinkled her cheeks when she beams. I perceived her as a serious student, thereby giving me the impression that she also take life seriously and try to live it well as best as she can.

While on our way to Baguio, I turned my gaze on the green scenery outlining the road we were travelling. Suddenly, I fell into a deep reflection.

From time to time, I have asked, “what is life’s purpose? What is my purpose?” What is it about purpose that many people keep searching for it as if it is a treasure hidden somewhere in life’s crevices.

To many, they think that life’s purpose is associated with their profession. Something that they do for a living. But what if you dislike your job? Does it mean your leading a purposeless life?

And then my thought shifted again to Welmarian. She probably thought about her life’s direction, directions on career and relationships. Or maybe she already found it. But whether she found it or she’s still looking for it.  What’s the point? That accident just ended everything for her in a second. And whether I find mine or not, what’s the point? I could probably die any moment now or tomorrow.

In my reverie played St. Ireneus’ wise words, a grain of truth encapsulated in a single phrase: The glory of God is a human being fully alive.

If I believe that my purpose is to reflect the glory of God, then I should be living fully alive. Spiritually enlightened people will tell you that it’s about living in the present, being in a moment with your whole being – emotionally, mentally, physically. You’re not preoccupied by the things about the future, or by the things about the past. You are simply in the present.

And the purpose that many people are thinking about, that is, their profession in life, is not really their purpose at all, it’s not the end in which they base their life with. Rather, it is a means to an end.

The profession that we are passionate about, gifted about, and cared about is just one of the several means that we could be a human being fully alive. The things we’re passionate about makes our blood excitedly pulse which adds to our experiencing life to the fullest. So when we live in the fullest, our hearts swell with love. And when we love, we live to the fullest.

I have a feeling that Welmarian, no matter what she does in life, has lived her life to the fullest and has given love. And with this, I would like to think that in her short life, Welmarian has been a human being fully alive.

“Yet you do not even know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” – James 4:14

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