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Admire your man, it’s good for your marriage

Do you want your man to shower you with affection? Then shower him with admiration!

According to His Needs Her Needs book, respect/admiration is one of the five basic needs of a man in marriage. And to back this up is a quote from the book Fascinating Womanhood,

“A man needs to feel loved,
but not as much as he needs to feel admired.” 
“A woman needs to feel admired, but not as much as she needs to feel loved.”
Yes ladies, admiration is your man’s greatest need. He can slay lions and dragons if he knows that his wife truly believes in him and admires his abilities. Well not really the lions and dragons that we see in fairytales, but the lions and dragons of challenges and pressures that they encounter on their daily lives.

“If you treat a man as he is, he will stay as he is,
 but if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be, and could be,
he will become that bigger and better man.”
-Goethe 1774 
Basically what is the difference between appreciation and admiration? Appreciation is praising your husband’s worth and effort. Admiration is praising your husband’s masculine qualities. Both are important. Both awaken the strong belief in his self. But it’s the latter that awakens the tender, loving, care in him for you.

When you praise him for manly qualities, like running, swimming,
sports, work skills, you touch his heart.
Have you ever tried complimenting your husband’s muscle? Have you ever told him how hard his muscle is? If you haven’t, then do it! Men are proud of their muscles! I’ve seen this with my brother, guy friend and my husband as they flaunt proudly their muscled arms in front of my face. My husband even let me feel all the muscles in every part of his body. And another thing, when you saw him lifting a heavy stuff, did you ever commented on how strong he is? Well, if you haven’t, then do it the next time you see him exerting his physical strength. Men enjoy compliments on their male attributes just as women are on their female assets.
So what are other ways that we can admire our husbands aside from his physical traits? I listed below some of the masculine qualities that we could look for in our men and start to praise him about it. These are just some examples, and there are LOTS of good masculine qualities that your husband has.
Masculine Virtues
Active Agile Alert
Articulate Artistic  Assertive
Athletic Attentive Authoritative
Bold Boyish  Brave
Brilliant Business acumen   Calm
Robust Romantic  Rugged
Scholarly  Secure  Selfless
Sensible Sensitive Sentimental
Supportive Successful  Spiritual
Truthful Vigorous Virile Warm
Well groomed  Wholesome  Wise
So there you go ladies. You will know that he accepted your compliment when he smiled back at you or when he seconds the motion. Always works for me.
In marriage, little things are the real big things. Expressing your admiration for him won’t cost you a thing, but the impact it will have on your marriage is too great to create a solid relationship. Your man will love you more for it. Go try!

Have a Happy Marriage!

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  1. you’re welcome Cynthia! I’m glad this post has somehow helped you =)

    re: stern woman who believes she can do whatever on her own – I’m not surprised, that’s a typical product of “pop culture” belief on femininity. Just sharing that there’s a difference between a woman of strong personality and woman of strength. You can pick one. =)

    Thanks for dropping by! =)

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