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Affordable Homeschool Providers in the Philippines

Peniel Integrated Christian Academy Homeschooling Program

Last academic year, we decided to finally transfer Yesha to Peniel. We paid around 18,500 Php, which is lower than our previous homeschool provider. Little did I know, that every year the school administration offers early bird promo to continuing student. So last October, I received an email informing the parents of the promos and their corresponding deadlines. The prices are as follows:

  • 13,500 Php if you enroll your child on or before December 16, 2019.
  • 14, 500 Php if you enroll your child on or before January 16, 2020.

In addition to this, discount is also offered if the family has more than one student enrolled in Peniel. Isn’t it great?

But of course this affordable price doesn’t come with other features being offered from other providers like our previous one. They don’t have parent coaches, parent conference, homeschool kids events, and the likes.

It’s alright for us since I’m more than okay in not reporting to a parenr coach eveer quarter. Plus, we don’t faithfully attend to the events being organized by our previous provider. What our family needs is a provider that will bridge us with DepEd so that our child will have records with them.

School of Tomorrow

Another affordable homeschooling provider that I’m aware of is School of Tomorrow. According to one mom, for every student there is one-time contract fee of P15,000 and a registration fee of P1,500 for the whole 12-year homeschool program.

In addition to this one-time payment, there is a yearly tuition of P3,000 for students in the preschool and elementary levels; P3,500 for first to third year high school students and P4,000 for fourth year high school students.

That said, the first enrollment might be heavy in the pocket. But the succeeding years offers a very low tuition, which I guess is the lowest fee of all homeschool providers.SOT, like Peniel, is a DepEd accredited homeschool provider. The school uses PACES curriculum for its students. The PACES is divided into workable modules that allow students to independently work on their lessons.

Homeschool Global

If you have more children in the family, say more than 3, then Homeschool Global might be one of your options. According to one mom, HG charges fee per family. She stated that she likes their quarterly evaluation, consultant for accountability, olsat exam to assess the child, open curriculum, and Christian values and seminars.


The prices above are most likely subject to change. But they still help to give you an estimate of these providers’ tuition. It would be better though to inquire this with your chosen provider.