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Aguila Beach Resort at Anilao, Batangas

Last May 1, my college friends and I, together with our hubs, went to Aguila Beach Resort. This was actually our first swimming outing. And we’ve known each other since we were 17 years old.

We regularly meet at least once a year. And every meeting we would plan a travel together, and every time, it was all like drowing lang. And last May 1, was our first plan that panned out. Siguro kasi, the hubs were there during the planning. It was also a post birthday celebration of one of my friends.

So anyway, Aguila beach is a good choice for those in a budget mode. Their day-use cabana (cottage) is only Php 3255, good for 20 pax, and is already inclusive of entrance fee worth Php 145. One needs to pay an entrance fee in every excess of 20 pax.

Here are a few info about Aguila Beach Resort

— Contact details: 09973654664, [email protected]

— They have limited cabanas, so it’s recommended to reserve a cabana by depositing 50% down payment, especially if your outing is on a holiday.

— To deposit, call them first in their celfone. They will discuss with you their terms and conditions. You’d be allowed for a pencil booking with a 3-day grace period. They will also send the bank details upon the pencil booking. Deposit slip must be emailed to them within that 3-day grace period.

— If there’s no available cabanas anymore, you can rent for tables which cost Php 1255, good for 15 pax.

— They have a bunch of salbabidas available for rent at the shoreline. Inquiries on snorkeling are also done here.

— If you like to play volleyball, nets and balls are available for rent.

— There’s a corkage fee of 15php for every bottle you’re going to bring; 100php for every electrical appliance you will use.

— At the front of every cabana, there’s a griller available for use. No rental fee needed. Just bring your own coals.

Some reviews:

— It’s a good choice when in a budget mode. This is the cheapest resort in Anilao that we found on the net.

— The sand isn’t powdery white and it contains stones.

— It’s a public resort, so expect a lot of people during holidays.

— Staff are accommodating

— We weren’t able to snorkel as the water was a bit blurry. I was comparing it to the beach at Moalboal, Cebu.


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