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Are You a SHE?

A Sidetracked Home Executive? 

Well, admittedly, I am. And that is why these past days I’m focusing my attention on our household system and re-thinking of ways to improve it. I am actually re-reading Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley and hoping to find the book Sidetracked Home Executive by Pam Young and Peggy Jones. There are tons of organizing and decluttering books out there to inform and motivate me, but I don’t know where to start. So I’m giving Mary, Pam and Peggy a try.

The number one reason why I am a Sidetracked Home Executive is because of the time spent in aimless net surfing. My mind becomes overstimulated with information and other stuff that I become bored and inattentive with my household duties.

Aside from blogging, I have three Facebook groups that I created, for fascinating wives, amazing couples pasig and mom bloggers. So I am making a resolve on visiting Facebook purposefully one hour a day. Coz really, FB can be a major distraction if not used properly.

Also I decided to open my laptop every afternoon and evening only. But the challenge is, my hubby’s desktop in our living room is always open. 

If you will come by our house, it is full of clutters caused by my toddler and hubby. And not only that, there are piles of soiled and clean, unfolded laundry inside the other room. Now, can you imagine how our house look like? 

I may actually not have you at home because I’m living in CHAOS. Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome. So this past few days I cut my use of internet time and spent it reading Sink Reflections to motivate me and started decluttering as well.

I know you might suggest that I get a house help. But knowing myself, I have difficulty giving instructions and ordering people if I myself is not willing to do it. Thus, I will just fail to lead my maid. You know what they say, a blind cannot lead a blind.

I did have two helpers in a span of two years. They caused me headaches, I don’t know how to deal with helpers. In time, when I get enough knowledge, standard and discipline, I will get us one.

So I hope that through sharing with you these things, I will be more motivated on my housekeeping journey. I also hope to share in this blog a system that has worked for me. So it’s time to control my being a SHE.


 So What About You

Are you a SHE? If so, what’s keeping you distracted?

And if not, share your secret…



  1. Same here! I can feel for you as we are almost the same. I got helpers before but all they do is spend most of their time doing their “ME TIME” which includes texting and chatting on their celfones which basically piss me off. They are busy than me imagine that! So I decided not to get one as they are still additional cost to the budget plus they are very tasky to monitor especially with household chores. I’d rather have backlogs than teaching them nth time proper way of doing things at home.

    1. Me too, I can tolerate clutters and mess more than helpers with wills of their own. Good thing I’m not alone. LOL

  2. as you described your house, I look around and yes my house looks almost the same! unfolded laundry is piling up on the other room! thank goodness for other room no hahaha

    the only good thing here is I have a part time helper who does the cleaning and washing the dishes > a big deal for me haha

    by the way I’m from Pasig too! would love to join your Pasig group 🙂

    1. LOL!, yeah thanks for the other room, or else it will be cluttered in our bedroom or living room but that would be too much. Will add you sis sa group. Hope to see you and your family at the Feast at Valle Verde every Sunday. The group is for married couples in our prayer community. Actually I just created it yesterday after getting a go signal from my leader. =)

  3. Cha

    I was like that in the first 3 years of my marriage. Now, we’re on our 4th year and I can say I’m more organized than before. I’m also not good in leading househelps. Imagine we had 12 different househelps in a span of 4 years! I know..OMG! I did survive (that’s exactly the term) to be maid-less for 10 months but that was tough. My husband is the clean-freak in our home, I’m the messy one. So it was more tough on him when we didn’t have a help to tidy things at home.

    If there is one thing I learned, that is to throw things out. I used to hoard like crazy. But when I became a wife and a mother, I learned to just let go of things we’re not gonna use anymore. Really the best way to de-clutter.

    1. wow! 12 maids in a span of 4 years! That’s what my mom told me, that after a few more years I will be more organized and orderly. I hope it’s true LOL. My husband is the one who loves to hoard. I can’t convince him to throw clutters that aren’t blessing our home. So I have to keep his clutters in one place.

  4. Good for you sis you have lots of personal time. With a toddler, I don’t own my time. Of course she and my hubby are on the top of my priorities. So my internet time is just on the side.

  5. I envy OC people! Wish I was a born-organized too! But anyways this is me… =)

  6. B

    Hi again!

    Here are my stats:
    1st 5 years after getting married = clutter free! Everything is organized.

    Years after that (with my two kids & pack rat hubby) = spell CHAOS again?!

    Like you I’m also envious of those who can maintain their household like that of Martha Stewart. Sadly for me, I’m asthmatic… therefore kahit konti alikabok, hanap agad ang inhaler ko. I had to ask help from my brother. There was even a time that I was crying because of the pile of clutter that needs to be fixed. I even became very sickly because I also don’t have a househelp (yaya) kaya I really had to do everything by myself. My dear hubby (although pack rat talaga), participates in doing the chores. Kaya lang for some strange unexplainable reason, the “kalat” keeps coming back! hahaha.

    Right now, I get the hang of it. Taking one day at a time. Sabi nga ng pinsan ko when he noticed how worry-wart I was, “ang kalat hindi maglalayas” kaya magpahinga ka ng sapat para di ka magkasakit.

    So my mantra: “isa-isa lang mahina ang kalaban”, pasasaan ba at matatapos ko din kayo ligpitin. One day at a time. =)

    There, I’ve said it.
    Another nice post!

    1. Hello B! Thanks for dropping my blog. I like the way you described your husband huh,pack rat hubby, can I borrow it for my husband? LOL! Though my hubby is a pack rat too, he also helps me with chores, sometimes sobrang thorough maglinis, but most of the time I need to polish his work, but it’s ok.

      And I have to agree with you on how clutters keep on coming back, right now my de-cluttering routine is not that strong yet. Just today, I have found a simple way to organize our plastic food containers, hindi ko alam bat ngayon ko lang naisip yung ganun. Just like what you said din, I’m taking one day at a time, mahina ang kalaban LOL. Next project, maintaning the order in our refrigerator naman, hehe.

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