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Argh! I can’t Write

Hi Ladies,

I’ve been thinking about my blog lately. There are so many things I wanted to write about — new learning on marriage, parenting and self improvement — but the problem is I don’t know where to start. I always get paralyzed whenever I think, “how do I start this article?”

But you know what, almost everyday I get to post on my favorite forum, not just short posts but long ones. Would you believe that I already made approximately 2500 posts in my two favorite forums? And I wonder why can’t I do that in my blog.

Well maybe because in forums, I’m more conversational and candid. While here in my blog, I’m trying to be a good writer that I’m not. I wanted my posts to haveĀ  perfect grammars and good structures. But because of that I got constricted. All I want is just to be reflective, insightful and informative in my posts, but I’ve been failing to do that I guess because I’m caught up with forms.

Now I’m gonna change all that. I won’t care about structure anymore, but instead I’ll be more conversational. And I will write the way I really write, not caring about proper grammars and sentence constructions. So if you’re a grammar nazi, sorry about that.

I got inhibited with my own expectations that I wasn’t able to write freely. So… that said, maybe I’ll be able to write more and express myself more. šŸ˜‰


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