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Baguio itinerary 3 days 2 nights

Planning to go to Baguio with your friends and family? I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy a short vacation with a new surrounding and a cool weather to boot — free from any stress and just enjoying the quality time with your loved ones.

After a decade, I finally went to Baguio again with my family and college friends. I didn’t remember much about my first trip here, I guess that’s because I was nursing a broken heart back then, LOL! But anyways, we actually went here to witness and celebrate a momentous event — our friends’ wedding. And of course, we didn’t waste this opportunity to have a short vacation, and to break away from the daily grind of our responsibilities.

So if you’re planning to go to Baguio, here’s a suggested itinerary for you:

First Day

5am-11am: Travel time from Manila to Baguio
11am-1pm: Lunch at the Canto Restaurant. My friend said this restaurant is a must try when you go to Baguio. We actually fell in a long line before we had our own tables.
1pm-2pm: Checked in a family-owned vacation house we rented. We didn’t go for any hotels or inns, vacation houses were cheaper if you’re going as a group.
2pm onward: Camp John Hay and Baguio Country Club

Second Day

9am-12nn: Mines View
12nn – 1pm: Lunch at Happy Tummy, which is across Canto.
2pm onward:
*Baguio Cathedral
*Burnham Park
*SM Baguio at night
*Session Road at night

Third Day

*Good Sheperd
*The Mansion
*Wright Park
*Botanical Garden

The itinerary above is just a suggestion. It’s not the actual schedule that we followed since we attended a wedding on our second day.

Now time for our photos in no specific order…

Here we were falling in line at the front of the famous Cantro restaurant

Across the establishment where Canto restaurant is located, there is a park where Yesha and I went horse-back riding. I didn’t want to do it at first because I was afraid to ride a horse and have never tried it my whole life. But what can I do, my daughter  wanted it so bad that I had to gulp my own fear. It turned out, the ride and the friendly horse put me at ease. I actually had fun! And so was Yesha.


My mag-ama at the Butterfly House garden

butterfly house garden

At John Camp Hay. During this time the cast of Forevermore was having their shooting. And my friends were die-hard fans.


At the Mines View, there were so many photoshoot areas you can pose with your family and friends. This is our photo with the magical horse…

baguio itinerary 3-days 2 nightsWith the St. Bernard dogs

baguio itinerary 3-days 2 nights And the most fun of all… with our costumes…

baguio itinerary 3 days 2 nightsEnjoy your vacation!


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