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Ballet for the Little Girl

We couldn’t find a club that was appropriate for Yesha’s age. The other clubs being offered by Catholic Filipino Academy are either too technical or require at least six years of age.

As per my previous post, we decided to try the Arts class, believing and expecting that they would also do hand crafts. But on her demo class, we learned that they do traditional drawing, and the teacher was teaching technical stuff such as shading and shadowing. Also, as a four-year-old, Yesha, together with her same-age friend, were not attentive to the teacher. They got a world of their own.

So on the next demo class, we tried ballet. Our daddy and I were glad to find that there were girls of her age-range. And to our delight, Yesha was following the teacher. We felt that this is it. And right after her demo class, we ordered a ballet uniform for her.

After a month, during the Buwan ng Wika celebration of the elementary department, their group was invited to perform at the event. Daddy and I couldn’t hide our excitement as this was Yesha’s first ever performance. Though she didn’t dance perfectly, but who cares? Haha! It’s a joy already to see her perform. All the parents were proud of our darling girls as they danced the song, “Ang Puso Ko’y Nagpupuri.”


– the girls with teacher Dayloe of Dance Plus.

So yeah, it’s ballet class for us this year. We’ll see if Yesha would still like to continue next year. We’re also looking at gymastics and skating, but discovered that they’re pricey. Yikes! But we’ll see about that.

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