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I’m a Hopeless Homemaker No More

I thought I’m a hopeless homemaker. For the first few years in building our family, I’ve struggled to keep our home tidy. I couldn’t keep a cleaning habit. I read homemaking books and articles and applied what I learned only to backslide. I just didn’t know what to do anymore.

But after almost a year, I can now say that I’m a hopeless homemaker no more. It all began when I googled “minimalist living room” and saw photos of monochromatic, simple, and spacious living rooms. And right there and then I was pulled to the world of minimalism.

After that, I started reading blogs and a book on minimal living, and not long after, I applied it in my own home making. Our home was messy and cluttered like it’s inhabited by packrats. There were a lot of displays or abubots, and unncessary things littered all around our house. I have allowed these clutters to gradually occupy our precious living space.

Yet thanks to the principle of minimalism: keep the essential things only. Finally, I was able to be in control of the clutters in our home. It was like a fairy godmother swiped her magic wand on our once chaotic house. Now our dwelling place is shiny and clean almost all of the time.

Cleaning is too easy and hassle-free since I stick to having one to three displays on every flat surface in our home. I’ve given away the figurines, donated the flower vases, thrown all the dysfunctional stuffs. It’s a piece of cake since I’m not the sentimental type, and I don’t have emotional attachment to our things. This attachment to things can be a major challenge when you’re trying to become a minimalist, but anybody can work on it.

I still have to go over some of our cooking utensils, our bedroom, closets. I already gathered unused clothes but haven’t found the place and time yet in which we are going to donate them. There are still cupboards to scrutinize and stuff to throw. But right now, we are happy with our clean and spacious haven.

I know I couldn’t keep our home tidy and orderly all the time, but I can say that I have definitely improved as a housekeeper. And this was made possible when I embraced minimalism.


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