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Being emotionally intimate online

I’ve heard a talk last week about people who habitually disclose their emotions and private lives publicly online. The speaker admonished that posters – be it on Facebook or blogs – couldn’t have their emotional needs met online because readers could not respond appropriately to their intimate sharings.

I partly agree with her: If one person’s intention to share her feelings is to gain emotional connection and response from her readers, then she might be up for disappointment if nobody would respond. But to some, like me, whose intention is just to write down my feelings and allow others to step into my personal life, then I don’t see anything wrong in disclosing of intimate feelings.

As a blogger, I know that I won’t get that emotional support and connection which I could only get from sharing with real friends. But maybe, I could give my blog readers a sense that they’re not alone in their ordinariness, in their imperfections, and in their struggles. And that is exactly the purpose of my blog: to share my humanness.

I’m not scared to show my real feelings on blog and even in forums (albeit anonymously). As a counselor, I know that in each and every person, there lie struggles and issues unique to each one of us. But universally, at one time or another, we all experience feelings of fear, anger, frustration, happiness, gratefulness, dissatisfaction, sorrow, loneliness, paranoia, name any emotion you know, and we all feel it.

I like to blog on intimate things about me. But I don’t wish to gain anything, I only wish to share a part of me. In this blog,  just like with my own physical home and with the people I love, I just want to be free, free to be me. And in this freedom, I hope I’d be able to share with you a piece of me.


  1. *daisy

    Love this ❤️

    1. Nova

      Hi daisy! Thanks for dropping by, I`m glad you appreciated it 🙂

      1. Nova

        Hi Anne,

        Medyo conflicting nga yung advices sayo nh doctors nyo. I`d say go for a more experienced pedias, yung matagal nang pedia since mas marami na silang experience. Negative kasi ang ppd namin noon, but our pedia still considered Primary Complex upon seeing the xray.

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