Big’s Gong Yoo

After indulging myself by watching Big, a Korean drama, I didn’t know to whom I got so attached to. Is it to Gong Yoo, the actor ? To Kang Kyung Joon, the character? Or to both of them? LOL!

I’ve watched Gong Yoo at Coffee Prince, though I fell in love with the series, I didn’t fell in love with Gong Yoo in particular. But with Big, I so enjoyed watching him, all the kakulitan, the facial expressions, the fashion style; in short, I so love everything about him! Though again, I’m not sure who I really like: Gong Yoo or Kang Kyun Joon. But I think it’s both, as the character and the actor became one. And having said that, Gong Yoo, without a doubt, is a great actor.

He’s not that handsome nor is he the flower boy type, but he’s gorgeous and is oozing with appeal. So thank you Gong Yoo for gracing my screen for 16 hours, LOL! This is such a nice treat for my semestral break.

After watching this series, and despite not liking the finale, I instantly became a fan. I’m looking forward to watch his other series and movies. Now the fan girling mode says: Long Live Gong Yoo! 😀

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