Birthday pool party at Cattleya Resort, Antipolo

We just celebrated Yesha’s 7th birthday at Cattleya Resort this April. Because she loves swimming and her birthday falls on a summer, the perfect way to do it is to have a pool party. Actually, hubby and I preferred to travel instead of holding a party, but the birthday celebrant wanted to throw a party with guests and games and everything. So… her wish is our command.

After deciding for a pool party, I searched first for an exclusive resort. Ideally, it should be easily accessible to us and most of the guests. My first choice was venues within Pasig, Marikina, or Mandaluyong. But then I couldn’t find any resorts with promising reviews. So I tried extending my search to Antipolo, and then I chanced upon Cattleya Resort. The price is reasonable and it has several, good reviews on Facebook.

During our ocular visit, hubby and I were debating between Dominique pool and Catherine + Arabella pools. Dominique has a wonderful view. But the downside for us is that it can only accommodate 50pax, and since its summer the sun rays would be on it directly. So it seemed like, it wouldn’t be our choice.

We eventually decided to go for Catherine + Arabella. These two pools are adjacent to each other, separated by a foldable gate, and are almost mirror images of each other. Each can accommodate 50 pax, which is suitable for our 100pax target. We also opted for two pools to make sure that all our guests who wanted to swim can do so.

Another good thing about Catherine/Arabella pools is that there is a wide parking area just a few steps away from its location. Parking won’t be a problem.

Our birthday girl, Moana… We used the foldable gate between the two pools to hold the stage’s backdrop.

This is Ms Lhen, our host, doing her balloon twisting.

Overall, all the kids enjoyed it, most especially our birthday celebrant.

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