Bonding with College Girlfriends

It’s been eleven months since I had a bonding with my two closest college friends – Josie and Angel. It was a long convo time over a simple dinner then cups of coffee that lasted for almost five hours; just updating each other, planning for group trips, talking about other friends.

Man it was good to be reunited with good old friends who know several things about you, who are used to your idiosyncracies, and to whom you are free to be what you really are. For someone with a young family like me who stays at home, it’s quite difficult to build new friendships of this kind because it takes quality time.

I’m so looking forward to our reunion bonding on Jade and Eldie’s wedding in Baguio. Looking forward to lodge with them in a rental house for 3 days and 2 nights, and to go places with them.

Another thing to look forward to next year is our planned trip to Malaysia – or anywhere in Asia. Gosh, I hope it will materializee.

Can’t wait for that ultimate bonding experience. I’m already excited!

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