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Breastfeeding Everywhere

I breastfeed everywhere. At the mall, church, tour… anywhere. There’s no place for me where I can’t breastfeed my baby, except of course on those impossible places.

There were times when I get stares from passersby, but I don’t really mind whatever it is that’s playing in their head. For me, breastfeeding rocks!

I didn’t bother with pumped milk either since I wasn’t successful with it, this is why Yesha has never fed from a feeding bottle.

BUT, this is only possible with my favorite nursing tool, a breastfeeding wrap from Lilymoms. I tried using a BF cover before, but it didn’t make me comftable as it only covers my front. Plus, my choice of clothes is very limited.

Unlike with Lilymoms, I can pull my blouse all the way up or pull my dress strap all the way down without a care in the world. Lilymoms for me is a modern mom’s chic way of nursing. I also received comments from friends who were amazed on how breastfeeding and style can go together.

For 19 months, it’s been a happy breastfeeding journey with my baby. =)



What About You?

How’s your breastfeeding journey?

What’s your favorite nursing tool? 




  1. You look great on that shot up there! Very stylish indeed. I think my milk production is declining though I’m exclusively breastfeeding my baby. This worries me ’cause I want to breastfeed her all the way since we are going through some medication against pneumonia. She’s been doing good and one factor is that she’s breastfed, her doctor says. Do you have any advice as to how I can increase my milk flow? Thanks!

    1. Hi Camille! Thanks for the compliment! How old is your baby? How did you know that your milk is declining? If it’s poor gain weight it could be due to her pneumonia. Does she latches to you as frequent and as long as she did before?

      As what lactation consultants are saying, it’s more of a law of demand and supply. The more your baby latches the more milk your breasts will produce. If your baby’s appetite declined, you can pump every two hours and store your milk in the freezer. Breast massage also helps.

      Psychologically, try to be in a good disposition always and avoid being stressed. Eat healthy, you may take malunggay or fenugreek capsules.

      If your baby is already eating solids (like more than one year old), then your milk production will really decline, as her main nutrition now will come from solid foods.

  2. That wrap looks great! I wish I could have breastfed Henry since really, there is no replacement to it. But alas, I had to go back to school.

  3. I wasn’t able to breastfeed Kelly so I’m not familiar with the breastfeeding ‘tools’. I do plan to breastfeed our second, though, so I might get myself one from Lilymoms.

  4. I also used to breastfeed anywhere and everywhere when my girl was still a baby. I wish I had a wrap like that back then. I used to wear a breastfeeding bib, but my baby felt quite uncomfortable, I noticed. Moms today have more options.

  5. I breastfeed everywhere too! too late to discover nursing covers though.. strike anywhere din ako, I just use a towel to cover me… now with my little girl, she’s still breastfeeding kahit 3 na siya but she’s not asking for it everywhere, she usually feeds inside the car 🙂

  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts mommies. Glad that lots of moms nowadays are breastfeeding advocates =)

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