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Broken hearted husbands

For the past several weeks, I`ve been receiving FB messages and emails from husbands having a problem with their wives, who have fallen for somebody else. They felt so hopeless and helpless as they seek help from me. They would even want me to talk to their wives and would even give me the names on Facebook so I could talk to them. The problem is, as much as I really wanted to help them out, I don`t know if I can do that. I couldn`t pop into their wives` inboxes, introduce myself, and say, “hey, your husband messaged me. I hear that you`re having some marital problem. He seemed distraught on what you both are going through. Do you want someone to talk with?” Ugh! I`m not sure if I can do that or if that is even appropriate.

Anyway, I don`t know what these events are telling me. Should I start learning how to coach husbands on how to win back their wives? Because that`s what I do with other wives whose husbands are falling away. In the past years, I`ve spent more time learning about my husband`s and men`s psyche in relationships than studying female`s psychology.

My marriage blog, Marriage Hour, has always been written for women. And around the last quarter last year, a husband messaged me telling me that not only women are experiencing problems such as infidelity and emotional abuse, but men as well. He`s actually right. And his message got me thinking whether I should continue to blog with only women in my mind or I include men too. Then the past several weeks happened, when most of my messages came from distraught husbands. I guess this an answer to my question. An answer that I`m reluctant to address as that would require me to get out of my comfort zone. Plus, I am uncertain of the wives` side.

I`ll probably wait and see more what could happen.

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