Burgoo, Greenhills

Yesterday, hubby and I went to Greenhills to have our Kinect Xbox modified. And since we haven’t had a date yet after our Singapore Trip, we decided to eat at some restaurant that we haven’t tried yet.

While strolling at the Promenade mall, we spotted “Burgoo,” a resto with a vibrant and colorful lights studded on its ceiling. We both have never heard of it so  we were in for some resto exploration.


The minute we took our seat, we immediately noticed the crayons on cartolina-like white place mat that covered the entire table. I instantly missed Yesha and hope she was there with us so she could take a grip on those crayons and scribble all her way on the place mat.


After taking in the ambiance and the comfort of our seats, we ordered an appetizer and our main meal.

Fried Calamari at Php 525

For our appetizer we had Calamari. It’s their seasoned calamari rings, breaded and deep-fried to golden. And oh! I loved the tomato basil sauce they served, it’s so yummy!



Seafood Au Gratin at 525php

This pasta is a winner! Hubby and I enjoyed this so much. But our order was too much for the two of us, so we had to take home our left over. When you swing by this restaurant, don’t forget to try this pasta.



Hamburgoo at 395php

Hamburgoo is a little salty for my taste but I seemed like hubby enjoyed it. It’s a charbroiled patties with a mixture of pork, chicken and beef. Served with onions. cheese. tomatoes and pickles in a sesame bun.



Hamburgoo Menu

If you happen to be looking for their menu, hope these photos help.

Click thumbnails to enlarge.


All in all, I really enjoyed our hearty food and our date. So hubby got a kiss!

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  1. Really sis? We’ll surely try that on our next date at Burgoo =)

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