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Buti pa ang anak ko, tama ang lyrics

I was listening to Yesha while she was singing Let It go – from time to time, our house still gets Frozen.

While enjoying the moment, I can’t help but noticed that she sang the right lyrics. While I on the other hand, used the wrong words, tend to skip lines, and worst, sing out of tune. But I still sing with the aura of confidence (wink).

However, I really won’t blame you if you couldn’t imagine me sing. Or if you could, in your head it sounds torturous to the listener, and plain murderous to the composer. So I would understand if you would beg me to stop =(.

Unfortunately for my loved ones, they can’t escape from me, ‘coz I can’t be stopped when I want to sing. Good thing my daughter didn’t get my prowess in singing. As for my husband, oh, he has gotten used to it. He has learned to accept his fate that he needs to live with my oh so powerful voice… 🙂

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