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Bye-bye Long Hair, I’m gonna miss you

Last week when our friend visited us at home, she suggested that a bob haircut would look great on me. I haven’t styled my hair yet, but the other day I let hubby cut my hair shoulder length. For a very long time, I used to be a long haired girl. That is why I didn’t hesitate to have my hair shortened. Hubby even said that it’s ok to redefine one’s self once in a while. And besides, since I’m a SAHM, I’m already getting lazy combing my long hair daily. Having my hair short is more convenient for me right now because everyday for more than three weeks, I am taking care of Yesha round a clock. That’s
what I only do.

 With my long hair

I don’t know yet when I can go to salon to have my hair relaxed and styled. Not even sure if it’s safe cos I am breastfeeding, hmmm… But I hope to have my new look before Yesha’s Christening which will be on May 28 and and and, I hope that my friend is right. Cos I didn’t want to risk my long hair for nothing.Will just post again for my new look. =)

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