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Homeschooling and the pursuit of passion and creativity

Every homeschooling family has their reasons for home educating their children. And for us, one of our primary reasons is that homeschooling provide our child the freedom to express and pursue her passion and creativity. I want this to be our gift to her. I believe that knowing her passion and where her creative energy lies will enable her to …

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How to Apply and Claim SSS Maternity Benefits

Contents: Application Requirements and Process of SSS Maternity Benefits Before Giving Birth For Employed Obtainment Requirements and Process of SSS Maternity Benefits After Giving Birth Application and Obtainment Processes for Unemployed/Self-employed/voluntary members. BEFORE GIVING BIRTH Application Requirements 1. MAT-1 Maternity Notification Form. This is available from any SSS branch or from their website. Alternatively, you may google and search “sss …

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