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Decorating our Home this Christmas 2015

For the past two christmas seasons, I allowed laziness to stop me from decorating our home. I made excuses such as Yesha will not appreciate it or that Yesha will just toy with the christmas balls. I believed it at the time, but now I`m not so sure if they really are valid. Sabi nga, pag gusto maraming paraan, pag ayaw maraming dahilan.

This year is different. My excitement spiked up to the point that I probably overdone our house. I had a yearning that I wanted to feel the season of Christmas. This move from me is one sign that I`m beginning to live with my body senses and not living inside my head. So I`m doing this for my own enjoyment, for my own good. If hubby and Yesha enjoy it too, then that`s good. If they do not, then I can`t do anything about it. But thankfully, they showed their appreciation. Hubby said “ang ganda ng christmas tree, picturan mo,” and Yesha said, “mommy, I love the christmas tree.”

So here are what I have done.

I was thinking of having a Nativity scene in our living room, because after all, that`s what Christmas is all about. But after a visit to Robinsons, I didn`t find any Nativity scene. I scourged our stock room, and this is the closest I could find. I just placed the leaves at its base and put shiny christmas ball around it.


Next is our centerpieces for our kitchen counter top and dining table. I was eyeing for items in Handyman, but they were expensive. So I made do with the cheaper ones.



Now our Christmas tree. This was kind of bare at first with only few flowers. I was planning to fill it up with additional flowers, but upon seeing the price for each, I changed my mind. I decided to go for christmas balls and ribbons. And this is what we got!


And lastly I also hung christmas balls on the plastic plants in our living room. Tada!


So when you`re in our house, everywhere you look, you will see the sign of Christmas.



  1. Shanbaga valli

    Good job Nova, keep it up. Even I am as lazy I could be. I tried so many ideas and read so many books, websites all in vain. Never applied any ideas or always waiting for my husband to help me out as I look forward to different ideas to implement and when we both work together, we can complete faster. But, he never budged and 4years just passed. Just recently I started cleaning and clearing all the mess that collected over these years. I had enough with my husband and I decided to go solo taking one step at a time. After reading your blog, I kind of got motivated and will be doing my house as it was when i got married and newly came to this house. Hoping, I will complete in the next 3 months.

    1. Nova

      Hi Shan!

      Thank you for dropping by… I’m glad you found some motivation from my posts. Oh yeah, I understand how difficult it is to enlist your husband’s help with organizing and decluttering, that’s why I never bothered asking help from my husband anymore, LOL! Anyways, good luck on your home improvement project! 🙂

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