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Organize your online life with Clipix

Sharing with you my recent online discovery of organizing your online life – Clipix. Perhaps like me, you also love browsing the internet for useful articles for your day to day life.

There are times I lose or forget some websites and articles that are worth reading, and sometimes I spend time looking  for it all over again when I can’t find it in my browser history.

When I bumped  into Clipix from Simple Happy Life, I immediately gave it a try to see if I will really use it. And indeed, I have been clipping articles and sites where I wanted to return.

I know there are myriad of free bookmarking sites available in the net, but it hasn’t interested me at all. What I like about  Clipix is that it’s a visual online organizer where you can group your collection of sites into a folder.


Multiboard with Clipix

What I also like about it is that you can create a multiboard, or a folder with multi folders.



Android Mobile App

Yes,  you can use Clipix through your ipad, tablet and celfone and sync it online so you can access your collection anywhere. And most of all, it’s completely FREE!

Meanwhile, below is the original message from Clipix with the list of its complete features.



How would you like to save ten hours a week? Ten more hours to hang out with your friends and family, spend time outside (especially as the weather gets warmer), and stalk on Facebook? Clipix is a free online and mobile tool that cuts down the time it takes to scour the internet for all the things you’ve come across and want to get back to – the cool pair of sunglasses you saw online the other day, that great article you’ve been meaning to read, that beach house you were thinking of renting, etc.

This one-minute video explains how it works:


Although at first glance it might seem similar to other web-clipping applications out there, Clipix extends itself beyond pretty pictures and acts as more of a personal digital organizer for your life, keeping all of the stuff you email to yourself, stash in outlook folders, save onto your desktop, and put in your “favorite” book marks into one simple place.

Below are some cool features:

  • Price Drop Alert – Clipix has a price drop alert function that lets parents select the price they are willing to pay for any clipped item, and notifies them via email when the product hits that price
  • File Uploads – Clipix users are not just restricted to items they find online, they can also upload documents from their desktop including photos, videos, Word & Excel documents, and PDFs
  • Clip on the Go – Clipix is available in free iPhone and Android mobile app format to clip on the go and access Clipboards from anywhere
  • Privacy – Clipix users can elect to keep their Clipboards totally private OR share clipboards with only the people they choose. Although Clipix is social, it was created for people to use as a personal tool and share with people who care and not just share with anyone for the sake of sharing. 70% of daily clips are clipped to private Clipboards.
  • Syncboards – This is a shared Clipboard that is great for joint decision making and allows for users to organize collaboratively. Anyone with access to the board can add, delete and edit clips.
  • Copyright Protection – Clipix takes copyright seriously and watermarks each image that is uploaded to Clipix to ensure users’ online safety when clipping content form the web and to protect image owners’ copyrights.
  • International – available in 12 different languages to provide a native experience to millions of worldwide users.
  • URL Protection – All clips, even those re-clipped from other users, click back to the original source.

Clipix takes privacy and personal content seriously, while helping you organize all the digital content that we all come across on a daily basis.

So what are you waiting for, try it now and see for yourself!

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  1. I still don’t know how to get material from one screen to Clipix;

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