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Compilation of Breastfeeding Resources

For months, I’ve been religiously searching for breastfeeding materials that will help me on breastfeeding my baby successfully. It is true that learning to breastfeed is like learning to ride a bicycle. You will never learn the skill of cycling when you haven’t practiced on riding one. Just like with breastfeeding, you’ll never acquire the skill until you and your baby got to do it. Even so, reading breastfeeding books and watching videos are a good jump start to your breastfeeding career.  Glad I’ve found these materials and able to share it with you.

1. The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk.
I so like this instructional book. I think every mom needs to know about breastfeeding are all here. I haven’t really finished the book yet, but I’ve already learned a LOT. What I found really invaluable here is the technique on how to properly latch your baby without any nipple pain.I think this is the best source among the breastfeeding books I have downloaded.  To download this book (1) click HERE. (2) click ‘request download ticket’ (3) click ‘download.’

2. Hand Expression of Breastmilk.
This video taught me how to hand express breastmilk. I will certainly apply this right after I give birth in expressing my colostrum. To view the video, click HERE.

3. Simply Breastfeeding
“People don’t get what they want, because they don’t know what they want.”
This video made me realize that I have to define what breastfeeding success for me is. Simply put, what are my breastfeeding goals?

By the way, you can only watch the first three chapters of the DVD program. To watch the remaining chapters you have to register and buy the program. Check this site to watch the video.

4. GIRLTALK: Online Breastfeeding Support Group
This is an online forum thread where breastfeeding moms can post their questions. Lots of moms there are generous in sharing their experiences and learnings. To visit the thread click HERE

5. La Leche League International
LLLI is an international nonprofit organization that distributes information and promotes breastfeeding. I first encountered La Leche League in my Baby Book, as the author Dr. Sears kept on mentioning it. And Luckily they’re holding a meeting here in Metro Manila.

La Leche League Makati holds their monthly meeting every last Saturday of the month. What’s nice about it is that you can bring your baby with you and attendance is absolutely free. I’ve only attended once, last February. I’ll attend again on April, and for sure Yesha will be with me already. If you are interested to attend, register with Abby Yabot at 09228292268 and text your name, edd or baby’s age, email add and contact number.

5. KellyMom
A useful website for breastfeeding and parenting. It is owned by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Kellymom site has appeared a number of times in the book The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk. To visit the site click HERE.

I will just update this blog should I find new materials. So far, these are the breastfeeding resources that I find useful and promising.

Have a Happy Breastfeeding!


  1. hi nova! =) nice list you have. as for me, two of my breastfeeding resources and support group are Chronicles of a Nursing Mom at and the online egroup newlywedsatwork.

  2. thanks for sharing yours te chex! =D

  3. Jench

    Hi Nova, your blog is simply amazing 🙂 very helpful for soon to be moms like me!! Thanks for sharing your experiences! The new layout looks really good btw, however, there are certain posts which are restricted? I was trying to access your childbirth blog and access was denied. Hope you could give me access so I can read more useful info on childbirth and parenting!! Thanks so much!


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