Couples Caring Group

Melbert and I started attending The Feast (founded by Bo Sanchez) in 2008. We were just having our eyeball meeting that time because we met via internet only. From then on The Feast has been our Sunday habit till we became boyfriend-girlfriend, got engaged and got married in 2010. A few months after our wedding, we were called to serve as Lectors and Caring Group Heads for our ministries. Since we are a new couple we targeted married people whose age range are 20’s -30’s.

  Three of us are preggos here, sis aileen (the one in black), sis chai 
(in cream) and me (in blue) – we’re not yet complete in the group.

We’ve only met three times as this is the second group we handled. I was thrilled to know that I’m not the only one being treated as the queen, all the other hubbies are also caring and loving to their wives. Would you believe that it is our husbands who do the grocery? Well maybe it’s because most of us are preggies. Nonetheless, I say “kudos” to these husbands, most especially to my hubby. These men are the living proof that loving and gentle husbands still exist because their faith is deeply rooted in God.

I can say that the people we meet are not coincidences, I know that God has a purpose in bringing us together. Every Sunday we meet and discuss about the talk given at the Feast. Our meeting always starts with a prayer, and then there is a set of questions that each one of us will answer, and then it will end in praying for each others’ petitions. The weekly meeting usually last from 2-3 hours. Being involve in Caring Groups helps us reinforce in our lives the main message of the preach. And yes some message isn’t easy to apply like ‘tithing,’ but it’s comforting to know that we’re not the only couple thriving to fulfill this expression of love to God.

It’s so nice to be with like minded couples, it also helps us strengthen our marriages. I am looking forward for the rest of the months that we are able to bless, learn and inspire each other. I pray that God will continue to bless our marriages, families and all the aspects of our lives.

Have a happy marriage!


  1. Paano ba sis nakakasali sa ganito?

  2. sis san ka nakatira? pwede kang umattend ng Feast na pinakamalapit sayo. Check mo itong site for the venues and time nasa blue tab Ako sa Valle Verde dito sa Pasig kami umaattend. Tapos lahat ng Feast may caring groups, laging nangiinvite yung mga servants na sumali yung mga attendees ng CG, especially after the feast. Tapos magsa-sign up ka lang. And then iba ibang category (ie. couples, adventurer, business, singles etc) pipili ka kung anong feel mo. Tapos ayun, cocontakin ka nung CG head =)

  3. We live in Cainta. Hubby and I used to attend Church in Makati, but then hassle na since malayo so we’re looking for a Church that’s nearer. I’ll check out the website. Thanks!

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