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Dark Front Teeth in Toddlers

Last March, I noticed that Yesha’s  front tooth were darkening. I didn’t even remember how long it has been like that. It was grayish and it looks really different from the rest of her teeth. I tried brushing it off, but to no avail; brushing didn’t change anything. So I waited for a few more days, hoping to see some improvement. But to my dismay, there was none. And that’s then I got worried. I was clueless on what was causing her front tooth to look like that, arte ko pa naman when it comes to teeth.  What’s worrying me more is that, there might be an infection or anything; and then we will need to extract her tooth. Poor little girl. 

After a few weeks of observing it and without any improvement,  I decided to check with our family dentist. I want to know if the tooth is dead, if there is an infection, or is there a need for a root canal. Thankfully, after a short check-up, I was relieved when he told us that there’s nothing to worry. He said that Yesha might have bumped her teeth somewhere which caused dental trauma. He advised us to just wait, and the tooth will return to its original color.

Prior to going to the dentist, I read this article to educate me about this concern.

After 3-4 months, Yesha’s front tooth returned to its normal health. Yes it took that long. But what matters is there’s no infection and there’s no need for tooth extraction or root canal (which made me a paranoid mom). 

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