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Emotional Vampires In Your Life

The Vampire Series: This post was taken from the talk at the Feast.

In today’s pop culture, vampires are being glamorized in the person of Edward Cullen of Twilight and Stefan Salvatore of The Vampire Diaries. Who would not want having these gorgeous vampires around?

But unfortunately, I’m not talking about these hotties.  I’m talking about the original vampires, who suck blood and poison you with their venom. And to tell you, some of us have vampires like these in our lives, they are those toxic, difficult people that we have to deal with.

Vampires cannot see their reflections in the mirror, likewise, toxic people are not capable of self-reflection.

At one point in our lives, we may have been hurt by these emotional vampires. They may not have fangs, but they will suck all the goodness and patience in us. They may not have venom but they can cast an influence on us.

We can actually find them at school, at our community, at work and sometimes even at home. They are basically everywhere.

So let’s go and talk about the 3 general kinds of Emotional vampires

 3 General Kinds of Vampires

1. Public Vampires
The most prominent example of this vampire is Hitler whose desire was to wipe out all the living Jews in the planet. And during the Holocaust about 6 million Jews died out of mass killing, starvation, maltreatment and disease. That’s how dark he is.
Public vampires also exist in our day to day life, they are those people who are capable of emotionally hurting everybody around them.
2. Personal Vampires
Unlike public vampires, these vampires hurt only a certain people in their lives,and sometimes, just one person They cannot find any positive things about them, all they see and say are negatives.
3. Partial Personal Vampires
Now, almost all people are identified as partial personal vampires. They became vampires when a certain situation arise. A boss who criticized his subordinate. A wife who’s trying to control her husband by throwing a tantrum. A girlfriend who is clingy to her boyfriend.
As you read the most common vampires below, you will slowly identify the kind of emotional vampires who are or were present in your life. It is not impossible that you could also be a partial personal vampire to someone you love when certain circumstances take place.

7 Common Vampires

1. Criticizing Vampire
These people have a need of making others feel small so they can feel big. They are always on the look out for faults and mistakes of those around them.

This critical spirited person usually dwells on the negative, seeks for flaws rather than good. They are judgmental and often come across as arrogant. They have little control over their tongue, their temper, and have tendencies for gossip and slander.

2. Controlling Vampire
Controlling people want to have the feeling of power and superiority in most of the relationships they are in. They have a desire of controlling other people in their lives. Some controlling vampires use temper tantrum or bullying to get what they want.
3. Contradicting Vampire
This type of vampire does nothing but contradict and oppose everything you say, plan or do. They are pessimists and all they say is NO. Most of the time, they often forget that everybody is entitled to their own opinion.
4. Complaining Vampire
When it’s sunny this person complains it’s hot. When it’s rainy, he whines it’s cold. When he has no project to work on, he complains it’s boring. And when projects start coming, he complains it’s a lot.
Complaining vampires are living in negativities. They have”potato eyes” as all they see is mud, they fail too see blessings that surround them.
5. Clinging Vampire
Clingy people are parasites, it’s like they have no life of their own. Most of the time their world seems to revolve in just one person. Their identity is embedded on the person they are clinging to.
6. Crying Vampire
These “cry-babies” get easily hurt and offended because they are overly sensitive. They use crying to seek attention, manipulate others and gain sympathy.
7. Con Vampire
The most dangerous of all  vampires are the con vampires as they can easily deceive people through their charm and charisma. Most of them have a gift on speaking to people and gaining their trust only to lie or steal in the end. It doesn’t only happen in relationships but in businesses as well.
But the question is, why are difficult people difficult? The difficult person is a child desperate and hungry for love.

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  1. The easiest way for me to get rid of vampires in my life is to block or avoid them, distract myself when I start to think it them, and pray to God for help and protection always.

    But this makes me think Nova, is there such a thing as being a vampire to yourself? When your greatest enemy is your emotions too?

    1. That’s a good question sis Lyra, although it wasn’t discussed in the talk. I’ve seen people who can be too critical to themselves. And there are people too who act negatively upon their emotions which sometimes lead to their own hurt and destruction. So for me yes, we can be vampires to ourselves too.

  2. I admit to being an emotional vampire on more than one occasion. As much as I’d like to break free from the habit, it seems to be a pretty difficult job. This post is a revelation of sorts for me.

    1. If that’s the case sis, then maybe there’s some healing needed.

  3. Sis, interesting read. I would have to admit that I usually just think of the vampires surrounding me, forgetting that yes, I may also be a vampire to others.

    Talk about a shift in perspective! 🙂

    1. That was also my first realizatiom sis, that I could be a vampire too =)

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