Dalacin C with Eskinol for Pimples and Acne

Hi everyone,

Here’s a short pointers to guide you in preparing your own eskinol plus dalacin c mixture.

This concoction seems to be the perfect combo for those who are prone to acne and pimples. Actually, it isn’t really recommended by most of the dermatologists, yet you will see a lot of raves about this concoction in the blogosphere.

Personally, I only use this combo whenever I get pimples from lack of sleep or from stress especially during my working days. And my pimples, though only few, have dried up easily.

For those who are new into tyring this regimen, here are a simple question and answer for you.

How does Dalacin-C works?

Dalacin C capsules contain the active ingredient clindamycin hydrochloride, which is an antibiotic medicine.

Clindamycin treats bacterial infections by killing the bacteria causing the infection. [Read More]

How to formulate a Dalacin-C and Eskinol toner?

Extract the powder from the Dalacin-C capsule, pour into the Eskinol variant of your choice and mix it well until all the powder is dissolved.

How many grams of Dalacin C and how many mL of Eskinol?

If you are suffering from acne you can use a 300 mg of Dalacin C into a 225 mL of Eskinol. If you’re using this for maintenance, then use only 150 mg of Dalacin C.

What types of Eskinol should I use?

You can pair Dalacin C to different Eskinol variations such as Eskinol Classic Facial cleanser, Lemon, Calamansi and Derma Clear. It depends on what pair will be effective on your skin. As for me I use the Classic one.

Can I use any Facial Toner brand?

Yes, and again it will depend if it will work on you.

Dalacin C vs Clindamycin (Generic Brand)

Dalacin C costs around  45-50php in Mercury Drug while the Clindmaycin costs 8php only. As for the effectiveness, there are some consumers who get the same results but there are some who are okay with only one brand. Again, it will also depend on your skin reaction.

How long should I use this concoction?

If you have already consumed your one bottle, it is recommended that you stop using it temporarily, like for a month. It is possible that your skin will get immuned to Dalacin C and Eskinol that it won’t be effective anymore once you applied it on your next breakout.

If you’re planning to make this your regular regimen, then you can apply the Dalacin-Eskinol mixture for two months, then pure Eskinol for one month then the mixture again for the next two months and so on and so forth.

It’s like having a one month rest from using Eskinol with Dalacin C.

Again, I only use this whenever I get pimples and it is not a part of my daily regimen. If you’re having second thoughts, it is best that you get your dermatologist’s advice.

Hope that helps! 🙂



  1. How many times do I have to use it in a day?

    1. Hi!

      You can use it once a day as facial cleanser/toner and include it on your nighttime regimen. =)

      1. Just Passed By

        Nakakadry po ba ng mukha to? Ok lang po bang hindi na gumamit ng facial wash or anything just water sa pagwash ng face sa morning and midnight? Sa gabi nalang gagamitin ang regimen na ito

        1. Hi! Actually sa iba nakaka oily pa sya. So iba iba talaga tayo ng skin reactions. Hindi naman nag dry sa akin. What do you mean by water lang yung sa pagwash ng face, you mean hindi na gagamit ng soap? Or dalacin c with water instead of eskinol? If dalacin and water lang, pwede naman. Pwedeng gabi mo lang gamitin itong regimen.

  2. Ikaw po ano po regimen mo sa isang araw? Whole day po

    1. hello, low maintenance lang ako. I don’t even use facial wash or toner. On my face I only use kojic soap and facial cream. I use dalacin-eskinol when I have pimples lang =)

  3. erykahalinas

    so i tried this but my mom poured the powder and mixed it with the eskinol pero nilagay din niya yung cover or capsule talaga. is it okay? please answer me. naging pinkish red yung eskinol after. 🙂 THANK YOU.

    1. Hi eryka, I’m not sure if the water can dissolve the capsule. But the more effective and recommended way is to use the powder only so it will mix easily with the eskinol. =)

  4. anjh

    hi miss nova. nagkaroon po ako ng pimples after gumamit ako ng Myra Vita Glow even pumuti yung face ko pero nagkaroon ng pimples ito so I stopped it and switch to Nivea sparkling white pero still ganun pa din po. So again stopped ko po ulit yun now I change to Olay Total Effects tapos nageeskinol po ako Spotless White with 300mg of dalacin-c. Medyo nag eeffect po ito. Ask ko lang po ilan beses po ba talaga mag eskinol and moisturizer?Tapos ok lang din po ba na magbabad ng piece of cotton with dalacin-c sa pimple.

    1. Hi Angelica, kung effective naman ng once a day lang, before you sleep, then ganun na lang. I’m not sure about magbabad ng piece of cotton, ngayon ko lang narining yan actually=)

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