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Family Day Out and Couple Date

I’m glad that hubby and I can have our couple date even with Yesha in tow. What we do is just leave the little girl at the play area, availing an unlimited time, while hubby and I would roam around the mall or dine at one of the restos.

We couldn’t do it before when Yesha was little since I have to be with her inside the playroom. But now that she has exceeded 42 inches, the minimum height of kids who don’t require a guardian present, we could leave her there alone while we go about our own whims. It’s a win-win for us.



Yesha at Active Fun



Apart from having our date, we also like to check out the different playrooms around our area. So lately we tried Active Fun in Megamall and in BGC. Our next destination is Kidzoona at Robinsons Galleria.

Kidzoona, wait for us!

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