Father-Daugther date: solution to my daughter’s clinginess

Yesha has always been clingy to her daddy. Whenever hubby’s at home, Yesha would often rub herself against him like a purring cat. When hubby is working on the desktop, Yesha would sit on his lap, wiggle, and squirm, until it irritates hubby. And when hubby is on our business office, Yesha would always want to come and work with him.

As a consequence, the husband would get dismayed with Yesha, to the point of avoiding her at times. This actually saddens and bothers me a little, but I can’t blame him, clinginess is indeed irritating. But, I also can’t blame Yesha, she’s very thirsty for her daddy’s time and attention.

In fairness to my husband, they do play together, sometimes during the morning while I do my house chores. But this is inconsistent, and seems not enough for Yesha. That’s why she would gear for more, more, and more from her daddy.

Clinginess could be a sign of anxiety. It seems like Yesha doesn’t feel secure enough of her father’s love, that is why, when her daddy is around, she would grab that opportunity to be with him. My husband, as a businessman, is most of the time busy. Even if he’s home, he’s still working on our business, thus, leaving little time for our little daughter.

But then the past several weeks, hubby made it a goal to have a daddy-Yesha date. And to our amazement, we started noticing that Yesha is not that clingy anymore to him – she would let him off the hook. With their regular dates and short play times at home, her emotional needs of time and attention are being met already.

I hope that their daddy-Yesha date will continue, as I know that this will do both of them good. Hubby will get to enjoy Yesha’s company, and Yesha will be secured on her daddy’s love for her. They will form a strong emotional bond with each other.

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