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Yesha’s FB3D Ultrasound Photos at In my Womb

Last Dec. 14 we availed the Christmas Season promo at In My Womb. These are the pictures I got. At 22 weeks baby Yesha is still bony. It’s at this stage that the baby undergoes the process of ossification – hardening and strengthening of bones. That’s is why my OB is now prescribing me Caltrate, to supply additional Calcium for me and for baby Yesha.

We’ll go back again at 28th week. This time Yesha will look more like a baby and more picture perfect. The OB-Sonologist advised me to drink more water/juice 1-2 hours before the session so the picture would be clearer. I just hope that on our next visit, Yesha would be more cooperative because she was sleeping during this session.

This is the promo package I availed for Php 1,500 by the way.

1. FB3D with Gender Determination
– 3D session
– 5 B/W pictures
– 5 Colored pictures
– Fetal Biometry Report
– No CD or DVD

At In My Womb, they can determine the baby’s gender as early as 16 weeks for as long as the baby is cooperative enough to move into a favorable position.




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