Our Feast Caring Group, now and then

Ever since we attended The Feast at Valle Verde, Melbert and I have been actively joining caring groups. And for the past two and half years, we’ve been with four different caring group categories already.

Singles Caring Group

When we were just dating we joined the singles caring group. Most of the time, the concerns of our CG mates were revolving around love live, work and family life. But ever since Bo Sanchez moved to PICC, almost all of our CG mates transferred there too. Pretty sad.

But I still get to connect and chat and meet with my other CG mates, some of them are Yesha’s ninangs.

Internet Marketing Caring Group



Early in our marriage when it was just the two of us, we tried the Internet Marketing Group. And as the name implies, in this group, we were gathered because we want to learn more and be inspired by other internet marketers.

And true enough, we learned a lot through them. But our sharings and friendship were not confined to internet marketing only as we also openly shared our lives and struggles to each other. Until now, we still make time to have bonding time with them once or twice a month. And through that continuous meeting, strong bond of friendships were really created.

Young Couples Caring Group


When I was 6 months pregnant, Melbert and I led a young couples caring group. The longest running marriage that we had in the group was 5 years at that time and and our ages were 20’s and 30’s.

We’ve been together for almost two years and we still get to update and chat with each other every Sunday after the Feast. We chat about our kids and their milestones, we chat about the works of our husbands, we chat about our updates.

General Caring Group

This is our current Caring Group led by tito Delfin and tita Glo who are both in their 60’s. The group is open to singles and married alike, but most of the members are married couples. And, we are the youngest members and couples in the group.

Aside from learning about other older couples married life experience, I find the group amazing because the group members have diverse life stories which really amaze me.


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  2. Cha

    My husband and I would like to join a couples group too. I hope we could find one near our area.

    1. That’s great sis, where are you located?

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