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Finding my talent

Just three weeks ago, I was using my laptop again which I left stucked inside my cabinet for several months. As I tinkered and checked every file saved in it, an audiobook has captured my attention. I don’t even recall who downloaded it, wether it’s me or Ebet.

The audiobook’s title is Now, Discover Your Strength. I learned from the book that our strength is made up of our talent, knowledge and skill. Knowledge and skills are something that we can acquire through studying while talent is something that is inherent, something we were born with, something we are natural at.

And when you hone your talent with skill and knowledge, that’s then you make it your strength.

Additionally, from an article I found in the net, I read that our talents will give us the clue to our mission in life, to an endeavor thar will give us a sense of contribution and to a career that will provide us self fulfillment.

What is talent by the way? As the author defined it, talent is something that we do consistently in a neoperfect manner. Like air and water, our talent comes so naturally to us that we tend to ignore it or not notice it.

Introspecting, I began to be attentive on my natural abilities. And so I took notice of my listening, empathic and advising skills which are inherent to me. Skills that I do as a hobby, skills that I enjoy doing , skills that I never thought of making a career out of. That said, counseling is the only career that perfectly suits my talents.

And as I research further on the counseling profession, I discovered that the foundational skills needed for a counselor are genuinness, listening and empathic skill. And bingo!

This was it. I decided to leave real estate, internet marketing and other endeavors unrelated to both my talents and passion (but for the meantime, I might retain ESL teaching so I could have a sideline).

As for my action plan, I will attend the Light of Jesus Counseling Training on September. Then I will take up a professional diploma at CEFAM on 2013, then maybe MA on Pastoral Ministry or Pschology major in counseling on 2014. I hope mommyhood would permit so.

And maybe after years of practising, I would be invited as a speaker, who knows? That’s why after Yesha turns one (when I can give her formula milk), I will join Ebet in Toastmasters.

Yes, it will take time for me to start over and build myself around this new career. But realizing now that this is the “coin” that God has entrusted me, I will do my best to multiply it, God help me.

So what about you? Are you already aware of your talents, skills in which you are naturally good at? Are you already utilizing this talent as a career? If yes, then consider yourself fortunate because you are now living your life’s work. If no, then the best time to start introspecting is now. It’s never too late to put your talent into practise, it’s never too late to answer your life calling and it’s never too late to live the career that is tailored for you.

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