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Free Courses From The World’s Top Universities


Do you want to enroll at Harvard? Yale? Stanford? Do you want to take courses on communication, business, writing, psychology? Do you want to have a world class education at the convenience of your own home? Free and no charge at all? It’s like a dream but the great news is it’s not. It is real and you can build on yourself as soon as you can.

Well, I’ve been inactive in my blog for the past month. Aside from completing my requirements on my master’s application, one of the things which is occupying me is taking advantage of these free resources.

This is truly amazing. I get to learn from great professors from great universities. The courses that hubby and I choose have lecture videos and aid materials.The only downside is, if you want these courses be credited to you, it will have to cost you an arm and a leg. You have to pay for a thousand dollars. But hubby and I don’t mind not gaining a degree from these free courses, for as long as we can increase our knowledge for free.

Currently hubby is enrolled in programming classes, while I am enrolled in MIT’s Introduction to Psychology and University of California’s Psychology of Couples and Families. Isn’t it great? I wonder why we discovered it only now.

In the Philippines, the only universities I know so far that are currently offering online courses are PUP, UP, CLSU, PLM. I hope their course offerings will get extensive in time so stay at home moms like me will get to earn additional degree or certification while being with their kids.

But as of now, the world’s top universities are already giving away free world-class lectures at the tip of my finger tips, might as well take advantage of it. If you’re interested you may want to start your course search here: Coursera, OpenCulture, Open Yale Courses, MIT Open Course Ware.

So what are you waiting for? Google “open courses” and select from the multitude of free courses available online. Enroll now!


  1. Wow! This is awesome, Nova. How long have you been enrolled?

    1. Hi Ditas! I discovered these courses this past April only, but the courses I took aren’t live. The video lectures and presentations can be downloaded and can even be viewed from youtube =)

  2. I signed up for a free course on Coursera, waited for months, only to have the course cancelled the week it began! Thousands signed up, and mejo kagulo the first few days. The teacher and admins couldn’t handle the sheer volume, so they decided to cancel the course. Eeek! I was so excited pa naman!

    1. Oh! I can imagine how disappointing it must be specially if you’ve been anticipating for it, sana they put a quota na lang. I didn’t know this happens in live classes, ours kasi aren’t live. Although I enrolled in a writing course from Coursera I did not continue with it since I was more interested in Psych.

  3. What an awesome finds you had! And thanks for sharing! Ill make sure to visit those..

    1. Welcome Joan! Do try visiting any of the site one time, you might find a course that interests you. 🙂

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