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Gearing Up for 2011

One thing I love about having a business is that I can have a vacation anytime I want. Just imagine how I never worked for the whole month of December. I just cut all the orders to be delivered on December and the other deliverables will be for January already. We still do have an operation mind you, but I’m not involved anymore with the production and packaging. My job is to answer emails, receive calls and negotiate. And I didn’t do anything of that this December, just a lot of bumming around the house (but still attend to my cooking job of course).
But much as I hated to admit it, I have to get back to work right after 2011 hits. I’m not sure if my vacation has been fruitful but I was able to relax and read 4 books. Hmm… am I ready to face 2011? Am I ready to juggle the different aspects of my life: being a wife, mom, entrepreneur and dreamer?
As a wife I have to support and encourage Ebet all the way to be the best person that he can be. Come March will be his Broker’s License Examination. Being a determined, resourceful and intelligent person that he is I know that he’ll be able to make it. In fact, if he will push hard some more he could make it to the top. And yes I have to be there for him during the review and during the real estate business. But it won’t just end in that, I’ve got to be a good cook too.
Baby Yesha is expected to be delivered on the last week of April. Every day I always catch myself dreaming that I’m holding and cuddling her little soft body in my arms, that I’m already playing with her, bathing her, feeding her, taking care of her. I’m excited to see her, right now she’s approaching 6th month inside my womb. The fund for the delivery at Makati Medical Center has already been taken care of. And by the 4th quarter of next year is her baptism to the Catholic world, so another fund saving for that again.
On the second quarter of next year, although Ebet will be plunging in the high profit real estate business the operation of Geminus Enterprises will still resume. By next year I should be doing baby steps in expanding the business to sewing. That means I must be starting to study pattern making and sewing myself so I have a know-how when we hire sewers. On January we’ll be buying my sewing machine where I could study for the mean time before I enrolled at TESDA.
And last but not the least, that dreamer in me. Recently it occurred to me that my ultimate dream in which I could have a great sense of contribution in the society is to become a speaker, Marriage and Family speaker particularly. I love it when I can make an impact on other people’s lives, whether that impact is as big as the ocean wave or as little as a ripple in the pond doesn’t matter. What’s important is that they’ll be able to apply the lessons that I will pass on them.  I’m taking baby steps actually. I went back to becoming a reader so I can widen my vocabulary and knowledge and I’m starting to write as well. Ebet and I are considering to pursue Toast Masters again, a club for public speaking. I’m not yet sure of that actually, we have to see first if our schedule for this year will allow us to. But definitely, we will attend again.
So there you go, I wish I could balance all of it. Those four roles in one body. But the biggest event to look forward to is Yesha’s arrival in the world, then Ebet’s real estate business, then Geminus and then my ultimate dream. Reaching my ultimate dream is not an instant, of course there’s a lot of practices and knowledge to muster not just in the speaking arena but more importantly in my marriage and family arena. I don’t know how and when it’s gonna happen but it’s not my problem anymore. Each baby step that I make comes with the assurance that the universe will conspire to get me where I wanted to be.
Happy 2011!

By the way, here’s a rough draft of my goals for 2011. =)


  1. I saw your blog link from GirlTalk so I decided to drop by. Inspiring post! 🙂 I’m a mom-to-be as well, due late May or early June. I am looking into starting my own business as well. You’re someone I can look up to – business-wise and on the arena of personal growth.


  2. Hello sis!

    Thank you for your kind words.
    Still striving to be a productive and better person each day… hehe…

    So you’re keeping a blog too… and about travel… oooh… =)

    God bless!

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