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Group Date at North Park Noodles, BGC

It is not obvious that me and hubby are addicted to caring group.  For us, this is our way of life. We’ve been meeting with our Internet Marketing bros and sis at BGC for more than two years now. And this is our second time in North Park as a group.

Like with our first group date here, the menu we ordered were fried rice, beef broccoli, chicken in lemon sauce, fried noodles and soya milk for our drinks. All of which are either under the North Park’s signature dishes or Best Sellers. The dishes we ordered are good for four people, as hubby and I shared these with LC and Ricz.  The prices are reasonable for its quantity and quality.

We went here at around 8pm and as expected the restaurant was crowded but still has an ample space. We were still able to went about our discussions and sharings. And again, I enjoyed the food specially the toasted noodles and soya milk which is my favorite.

Yangchow Fried Rice [Price:  Php168]



Stir Fry  Beef with Broccoli Flower [Price: Php268]



North Park Special Toasted Noodles [Price: Php 268]


Boneless Honey Lemon Chicken [Price: Php 223]

Honey Lemon Chicken


Cold Soya Bean Milk [Price: Php 78]




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