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Grovia Cloth Diapers Review

I have been cloth diapering my baby Yesha for a month already. We started using this diaper system when she was two and half months old. And so far hubby, I and baby are happy with Grovia’s performance. As of now we only have 6 pieces of shells and 12 pcs of soakers/inserts that we wash twice a week. We will be adding to our stash another six shells and twelve soakers so it won’t wear out easily due to frequent washing.

Here are pictures of Yesha on Grovia, What can I say? It has a good fit on her.

Yesha on her ice Grovia diaper
Yesha on her nature print diaper
Kiwi Green diaper

1. The Soaker/Insert

What I like about Grovia is that its shells are reusable, and only the inserts are changeable. Pee very seldom leaks from the insert to the shell because of the soaker pad’s design. We change shell when it has been soiled already with stool. And that is why we find this cloth diapering system convenient for us.

grovia-cloth-diaper-reviewSide View

The soaker pad has a soft cotton leg gusset that helps prevent the poops and pees from leaking into the shell. Sometimes the poop has a minimal overflow on the shell but it’s easily washable. The soaker pad feels wet when peed, so to deal with this I made a DIY fleece liner and place it on top of the pad. And voila it worked! The fleece liner that is in direct contact on baby’s skin feels dry.

grovia-cloth-diaper-soakerBack View
grovia-cloth-diaper-review-soakerFront View

The material of the insert is made from organic cotton jersey making it suitable for baby’s delicate skin. Yesha has never had rashes with Grovia. The wider side of the soaker is placed on baby’s butt and the narrower side on baby’s front.On sunny days the inserts are easier to dry, so during rainy seasons we just dry it using our electric fan.

2. The Shell

The shell  has three settings (newborn setting, infant setting and toddler setting).

Grovia Clother Diaper Shell Review

We preferred a hook and loop closure as it gives baby a nice fit compared to snap closure. But the downside is that the velcro gets easily worn out compared to snaps. So to avoid this, the shell has a laundry tab where you can fold the velcro. Additional to that, it also prevents the velcro from catching on other items in the wash.



3. The Shell with Insert

grovia-cloth-diaper-review-shellNewborn Setting

In newborn setting, the soaker is a bit longer than the shell that it overlaps the edges of the shell.


Infant Setting
grovia-cloth-diaper-review-shellToddler Setting

4. Cost effectiveness

Grovia is one of the most expensive brand of cloth diapers that I encountered, but considering the quality and features it offers, we got our money’s worth. It’s really an expensive investment at the start, but really cost-effective in the long run. It is durable and can be used up to potty training years.

I never tried any cloth diapers before, but I’m already happy with Grovia. And yes, I made the right decision. =)

Happy cloth diapering!



  1. hi- what kind of grovia cloth diaper is this? would you have a link as to where i can find the exact shell? (design can be different) all im seeing are newborn cloth diapers, i dont know if the size adjusts. also, they have snap on buttons not the velcro.

  2. hullo kyri26!

    The grovia I am using is

    *AI2 – All in two, shell plus insert
    *One size fits all – can be used for newborn till toddler
    *hook and loop closure (velcro)- the other grovia shell closure type is snap on buttons.

    This is a picture of the shell ->

    My baby uses the newborn setting, that is why you can’t see the buttons on the front. Hope this helps.

  3. dhEz

    Hi Nova! Are you still using this cloth diaper even now? How much is it and to what stores is this available? Thank you! 😀

    1. Hi Dhez! Actually when our helper transferred away, we have refrained from using it for about 4 months now. Our labandero is hubby and he can’t wash it on time. Hmmm… now I’m thinking of getting back to CD’ing again since Yesha’s stool is solid already.

      Anyways about your question, we bought it at an online store which is based in US. You can check and The total amount we paid for 12 shells and 24 soakers was 18k. Hindi na nasulit kay Yesha, LOL! But we’ll still use it to our next babies =)

      1. dhEz

        Ahh..mahal pala 🙂 pero maganda sya ehh..mahirap nga kung walang maglalaba.. Salamat 🙂

        1. oo nga eh, maganda sya, maganda rin ang presyo hehehe… =D

  4. I think my first cloth diaper might have been a Kissaluvs ftietd newborn, with a Thirsties Duo Wrap! The newborn sizes are put away now at least until #2 comes along!

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