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Yesha’s gymnastics classes at Club Gymnastica Pasig

Yesha has been attending gymnastics classes at Club Gymnastica Pasig for two years now. We first enrolled her when she was 5 years old. It’s a good thing she enjoyed it. Ang likot din naman nya kasi, kaya bagay lang din sa kanya yung sports.

Since then, she was able to attend two summer culminations and a few competitions na rin. And then last February was her first participation at the Philippine Cup. This coming June naman will be her first international competition sa Bangkok.

She attends class at least two times a week. And while they train, I sit at the bench with other parents and nannies. Sometimes I watch her, sometimes I do my coursework, and sometimes I watch Netflix.

As a homeschooling family, ito na yung PE classes ni Yesha. At the same time, ito na rin yung avenue nya to meet kids her age. I didn’t expect na maka-career pala namin ito kahit papano. Our initial purpose was just for socialization since we’re homeschooling. The other gymnasts there, especially the teenagers, parang dun na yata sila lumaki. Not sure lang kay Yesha. Hangga’t gusto nya, tuluy-tuloy lang kami.

Okay naman sa CGP, when you visit the gym, you would see that gymnastics is their forte. They have all the equipments needed for the training.


Photo from CGP facebook

Also in our two years, I can say na magagaling at mababait naman yung mga coaches. Patient silang magturo kaya talagang matututo yung bata. Syempre, dapat committed din naman yung family.

Anyway, dito rin sa gymnastics natututo si Yesha ng determination and perseverance. Paulit-ulit ba namang mag-practise and training lalo na pag may competitions. Nandito na rin yung sportsmanship, nalalaman nyang okay lang hindi manalo, basta ginawa nya yung best nya. Ang samin naman ni Ebet, gusto lang naming mag-enjoy sya at gawin yung best nya.

Club Gymnastica also has a branch in Makati. And if I’m not mistaken, Club Gymnastica din yung Sa St. Paul Pasig. They also offer gymnastics classes for girls and boys as young as 3 years old.


Photo from CGP facebook

If you’re thinking of enrolling your child, go lang. Sports is a good training, you can never go wrong. It can mold the child’s character. Like what I’ve mentioned it can help in developing the child’s determination and perseverance.

Anyway, yun lang… Let your child try it. Free naman yung isang trial class. Malay mo magustuhan niya. 🙂

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