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Had A Career Counseling With Michelle Alignay

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you would notice that I kept on mentioning my desire of being a marriage counselor. And for the past months, I always asked my hubby for his opinions on certain things which he would always answer, “I have no idea, ask someone who’s in that field.” That kind of conversation went on for quite sometime, until I finally decided to send a Facebook message to Michelle Alignay.

Michelle is a relationship and parenting expert working at Love Institute.  She has been interviewed several times at different TV and radio programs. I first met her through Girltalk, an online forum for women in the Philippines. We have exchanged a couple of messages before. But all of them were on topics like where she gave birth, how to use Saya baby carrier, is Fenugreek effective to a nursing mom, those kind of messages that has to do with mothering.

And so last week I messaged her telling my intent of becoming a counselor too. She was at first surprised on my interest in that field. She offered me that we could meet in case I want more details. Of course, I said yes and instantly grabbed that opportunity. And just this past Tuesday  I’ve had, what I consider, a career counseling with her.

I’ve got three concerns:

1. Do I want it as just ministry or take it to professional one?

2. When do I want to start taking a MA?

3. Last but not the least, will my time for my baby and hubby suffer?

Meeting with Michelle has cleared all these concerns in my mind. As for the first one, hubby and I are leaning towards getting a professional degree. With that, I can opt to either pursue counseling as a ministry or a profession as a private practitioner. So Godwilling, I hope, I could take a Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling. Taking this will make me eligible to take a PRC board exam, and be a licensed counselor. And most probably I’ll be studying at Miriam College where Michelle is taking her PhD.

For the second one, if I want, I can take a 3-6 units this coming May. It means I have to go to school for one-two weeks at 8am to 5pm a day. And that means I will be away from home during that time. But if I took that load, I have already finished a half-semester which will make me save more time and money as far as the travel time and miscellaneous fee are concerned. My decision is not final yet.

And for the third, I’m glad to know that the regular class schedule is at night. And if ever I decided to start studying this year, I still have my morning and afternoon for my baby and hubby. I can start pursuing my dream while still being a hands on mom. But I’m not that convinced yet.

I hope God will continue to guide me as I discern on this important matter. As a mom, I can’t decide only for my own. I have to consider my baby too. The final decision will come after I get a copy of the course syllabus. May God guide me.

So what about you?

What do you want to do with your life when your kids are already independent?


  1. I wish you all the best in your career! Wow, may kakilala na akong counselor if ever! 😀 I’m thinking of going back to school too. I’m planning to take my masteral in Public Administration- yun lang, iniisip ko rin yung time with the kids. Lalo na they’re still very young. Gusto ko rin magtake ng Multimedia. Hihi. Ang dami kong gusto!

    1. Wow! go go go sis kim! Actually I opened this up to my caring group last night and they all tell me to start it asap. Ok din daw to start while the kids are still very young, kasi hindi pa nila ganun ka ramdam yung absence mo unlike pag may isip na talaga sila. It will be more difficult din daw when the kids are on their pre-schooling age, since you need to tutor them too. Kung every night lang naman ang classes, then mukhang ok na, lalo na kung 3-4 times a week lang. =) Kaya good luck sa ating discernment. =)

      As for your maraming gustong gawin, are they related ba? sorry I’m clueless haha! Mas maganda if you will focus on something, dun ka na sa passion mo… =)

  2. Thank you sis. =) About your dream, a point will come that your time will be all yours na, pag hindi na masyadong needy sa attention and time yung mga kids. Yun nga lang for me, medyo atat lang ako, LOL! I hope ok lang ang schedule =)

  3. Go for it! Pwede ba akong 1st client? hahaha

    1. LOL! Hindi mo na yata kailangan nyan sis =)

  4. I am honestly super happy for you, dear. Di man tayo magkakilala personally, through your blog entries I feel that you’re a genuinely kindhearted person. Good luck to your endeavors. ‘Pag natupad mo pangarap mo, magpapacounseling kami sa yo. Bigyan mo kami discount ha? hehe.

    1. Awww… touch naman ako sayo sis… Thanks for your kind words… LOL! If ever man, libre na yan…

  5. An effective baby-sitter/nurse must have a baby carrier so she still can do the other stuff while taking care of a precious little one.


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