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Hamster: Adopt don’t shop

Spotter and his cage

Just last week, we adopted a very sweet and mild tempered hamster from a Facebook group called “Philippine Hamster Adoption.”

Actually we bought a pair of hamsters from a pet shop last November, but sadly, they died after two months without any warning. Probably they were stressed despite providing them with an ample-spaced cage. I don’t know.

But we can see the difference between an adopted hamster and a bought hamster. The adopted hamster is more relaxed, mild tempered, quiet natured. It doesn’t try to escape. Whereas the bought hamsters were stressed — they wanted to escape to the point of hanging on the screen of the lid of the cage.

The difference in their behaviors made me think that probably the bought hamsters were kind of neurotic, displaying abnormal behaviors? Hamsters are solitary animals, they thrive well in isolation, that is being alone in their cage. In the pet shop, they are caged together with a number of other hamsters. This isn’t ideal nor healthy for their hammie personality. On the other hand, the adopted hamster most likely grew up in a healthier environment and is loved by the previous owner. Hence, the mild and tamed nature. It doesn’t want to be petted yet. It’s okay we’re willing to take our time for it to get to know us better.

I hope that Spotter, our new hammie, will live with us for 2-3 years — the life duration of hamsters. We promise to be a loving, good, and responsible hamster parents.

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