Her Milk Teeth Cracked!

In Sulu, the heirs of the sultan and their followers refused to leave Sabah despite a stern warning from President Aquino. In Seoul, a media stated that  the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un oversaw a live-fire artillery drill aimed at simulating an “actual war.” In Sidney, a powerful cyclone is said to hit their country and an immediate evacuation is being called for. In Pasig City, a 22 month toddler’s front milk teeth cracked due to a fall!

Aigoo! The world has bigger problems to face, and yet here I am, my world has momentarily stopped because of the crack on my baby’s teeth.

I’m really not the OA type, but please allow me to over react and fuss over my baby’s pearly white teeth. She’s turning two years old, when will she have another set of new teeth? 5 years old? 6 years old? That’s pretty a long time. She fell down earlier this morning, face on the floor, as she was running around our house.

Yes, she cried and was comforted by her dad. But just as I was going to brush her teeth after her bath time, I discovered the crack on her teeth, and oh boy, horror and anguish instantly surged all over me. Those teeth that I’m taking good care of just cracked!

Yesha at 13 months

Yesha loves to grin, showing off her full front teeth. She grins at the sales ladies when on a department store, she grins at the waiter when on a restaurant, she grins at a mass attendee when on a church. She just loves to grin.

She’d had her complete set of teeth when she was a little more than a year old. And I can say her teeth is one of her assets. I love it when she smiles broadly, her almost perfect teeth add to her cuteness. But now that her front teeth have crack, I think her smile will never be the same again (OA mode).

Yesha at 7 months

Hubby told me to be grateful that she didn’t hit her head. He’s the optimistic one. But I’m hard headed. I’ll to fix her teeth. We’re gonna visit a pediatric dentist. I think there’s something that can be done to her front teeth. I presume I can have the cracked edges trimmed to level out her two front teeth. I really hope it can be fixed. Haays…  If it doesn’t work, then I have to learn to enjoy her new teeth.

So What About you?

Can you share your teething journey or teeth concerns with your kids?



  1. Naku Nova, we’re super in the same situation now. Mine naman, si Meg e may tumutubo na permanent tooth dun sa likod ng milk tooth nya. The dentist told me na ugain ko daw, pano ko gagawin yun? Buong-buo pa yung milk tooth nya so dapat tanggalin to push the permanent tooth forward. Kaloka.

    I’ve scheduled the dentist appointment on Friday. I hope she will get used to this “bunot” thing. Another thing that scares me is the injection part. The last time that Meg had her blood extracted, 7 people ang may hawak sa kanya.

    1. Naku talaga sis, we’re on the same boat pala but yours is more challenging since it’s permanent teeth na. Kailangan mo pala magdala ng kasama pag bubunutan na ng ngipin si meg. Hays kawawa naman, but saglit na pain lang para sa ikagaganda ng teeth nya.I hope it would work out well with your dentist. Do share your story after.

  2. Thanks sis, I hope my plan will work out. But if not, hays… ganun na talaga ang teeth nya…hopefully mag tuluy tuloy yang maganda teeth ng babies mo… para killer smile sila =)

  3. Aw, good thing hindi nahawaan yung iba nyang teeth sis. In some forum I read, pinapa bunot ng dentist yung tooth/teeth na may cavities/infection para hindi humawa sa iba.

  4. Naku. Nothing compared to what my boy experienced. He fell on a table. A tooth fell off, two were extracted kasi bumaon ng husto at nabasag ung sa may soft palate nya daw. His gums was stitched. Ang fear ko pa ngayon pag tubo ng permanent teeth nya, baka mag sungki kasi wala daw susundan. But more than that, I’m thankful he’s fine. (Optimistic mode din like your hubby)

    1. Awts! Wawa naman ang little boy, sabi na nga ba mas marami pang mas malala na teeth concerns. May pag-asa pa yang hindi ma-sungki. What my mom did to us when we were young, every morning tinutulak tulak nya lang yung permanent tooth to its proper position. It worked naman. Pag brace, mahal.

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