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Highlights of my 3rd Sem in Graduate School


Whew! Tapos na rin sa wakas ang 3rd semester ko!

As one Girltalker puts it, “Graduate school is not for the faint hearted,” Grabe, how true! I couldn’t count how many times I got really stressed with two thesis projects and countless paper works. There were so many times na gusto ko na talaga umiyak, and even asked myself why do I need to put myself to so much pressure and stress. Kung hindi lang dahil sa pangarap at sa calling na tumulong, I wouldn’t have any reason to continue. But thank God, I was able to finish it satisfactorily =)

So anyways, I just want to highlight the 5 salient events which happened during my 3rd sem in no particular order.

My Group Therapy Class

So ano bang nangyayari sa group therapy? Basically, we meet every Wednesday night; and every night one member would share his/her struggle; and we would all listen, accept him, and support him for whatever he/she is going through. What  struck me here are the different stories and struggles shared by my group mates. I had a lot of vicarious learning from all them that really widened my horizon as a person and as a future psychotherapist. I will never forget their openness and stories that they shared. Another thing is how Father Nilo Tanalega, our coursework professor and group therapy leader, handled the group. Sobrang nakakabilib sya, I try to hold on to those moments when he is processing each and everyone of us. It’s really a privilege for me to see a master psychotherapist in action every Wednesday night. So, memorable talaga ‘tong experience na ‘to for me.

Cognitive Group Therapy with sexually abused girls of Jeremiah

We gave a 4, 3-hour sessions to the Jeremiah girls. This is my first time to work with sexually abused kids. nung una, I don’t know how to relate with them, part of me takot na may masabing maselan which could trigger negative memories from them. Good thing, during the sessions, they’re just your typical teenagers. They’re all friendly and sweet. Buti na lang they also attend the Feast, so I still get to see them every Sunday. Syempre bibisita pa rin ako sa kanila, especially now that it’s our sem break.

Here is the framework we used for our project: Albert Ellis’ ABC Model.

Jeremiah Foundation

Here are some of their drawings when we asked them to imagine a place that they find relaxing.

Jeremiah Foundation1.jpg

Being the third highest in our Individual Project in Advanced Personality

I admit, hindi talaga ako magaling mag-sulat, especially ng academic papers. Kaya sobrang tuwa ko that Sir Weevens acknowledgef my work in front of the class, and sobrang OC nun to the highest level. It’s really an accomplishment for me. If you want to read my work, here it is. I made a book review and reflection on Carl Roger’s On Becoming a Person. It’s not perfect, haha! But I’m still happy I got a good grade from him.

KNOW ME Seminar for Miriam girls

Last September, I had a privilege to be a part of the pilot seminar for children of OFW’s. This activity was organized by UGAT Foundation. There I shared my experience as a daughter of an OFW father who committed an infidelity. I didn’t expect that I’d still get emotional, parang ilang beses ko na kasing na-share yun. It just means, that it’s really a significant event in my life.

Father Nilo Tanalega, the founder of UGAT, asked me if I am willing to be a part of their team. And I said YES! It’s a privilege for me to be a part of Father Nilo’s team of volunteers, and also to be able to reach out to the OFW kids like me. Grabe, kakaiyak when I remembered all the times when my father wasn’t able to attend important events in my life, an experience that we OFW kids share. I just hope na makasama ako sa iba pang seminars. Ang layo kasi, CDO and Davao ang next.

5. Interview with Filipina Breadwinner Wives

I was able to interview 6 breadwinner wives; and the experience was very welcoming. Thankful talaga ako for their generosity in sharing their experiences. To share, here are the results of our study.

So, yes, that’s it! Despite all the stress and pressure that 3rd sem brought me, I realized, there were several wonderful things that happened to me. =)

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