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Hmmm… what club to choose?

I received an email today from the CFA preschool team about the club offerings. We’re actually looking forward to this and a bit excited that it’s going to start this Friday.

There are two things I like about homeschooling clubs. First, Yesha would be able to explore and enjoy more her interest. That is, if we will know what she really enjoys doing. And second, is to provide an additional opportunity for her to socialize, especially now that she’s homeschooled.

These are the clubs that CFA is offering:
– karate
– ballet dance
– arts
– theater
– orchestra

Looking through the club list that they offer, I realized I don’t know yet what club we would register Yesha. It’s a good thing though that they hold
continuous demo classes so we could determine what Yesha really likes.

But right now, I observed that she enjoys working with her hands. She likes to draw, play with her clays, and assemble her toys. So I’m thinking of letting her try the arts club first and see if she’ll like it.




  1. marcee

    How much is homeschooling in CFA?

    1. Nova

      Hi Marcee, sorry for the very late reply. We actually spent 25k, though I forgot if the books were included.

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