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Home making the lazy way

As a beginner to home making, I tried reading books and articles about home making, but I wasn’t able to apply everything. I only got those tips that are applicable to someone lazy and mediocre like me. And as for house helper, I do not see myself hiring one in 1-2 years. I had a challenging time being patient and tolerant with my previous helpers.
I tried following what born-organized people  do to manage their home, but I get frustrated whenever I can’t reach their standards of orderliness and cleanliness. What happens when I do that is like all or nothing. It’s either I should follow all of it, or allow my home to look like a tornado aftermath which happens everytime with my toddler and cluttered husband.
So I decided to do home making that will fit my personality. So in my journey of home making these will be my guiding principles.
My home need not be perfect

I won’t pressure myself anymore to do what OC people do, because I accept that I’m not that type of person. My home need not be dust-free and clutter-free all the time. Yeah, I can live with tolerable mess.
An everyday time for me-time

I can’t last a day without me-time. It’s either I read a book, write in my diary, blog, surf the net, contemplate on life, or simply do nothing. So the usual part of my day would be Yesha-time, hubby-time, home making time and me-time. That way, I will still keep my sense of being and will still be connected to myself.
A check list to avoid being sidetracked

I thrive using checklist. I feel a sense of accomplishment every time I check that small square beside a listed task. Also, it helps to encourage me and look forward to doing and checking it again, especially if it’s routinary.
I cannot memorize the dance steps all at once

In home making, routine is the way to go, but I’m not gonna beat myself up to muster all the routines at once. Just like in dancing, you muster one cycle of steps at a time, the same goes with home making. These routines are de-cluttering everday, sweeping the floor everyday, swishing and wiping the bathroom everyday. One step at a time.
A 15 minutes grace period for myself

I discovered that this one has been working for me. For instance I have to cook rice at 11am, so I have to remind myself at 10:45am. This is because I do not jump immediately just to do a house hold chore, I am kind of sluggish when it comes to this part.
So this for me, is home making the lazy way. Instead of always being frustrated and hopeless about home making, I will just make home making fit around my simple lifestyle and lazy personality.
Even though I’m a lazy home maker, I refuse to leave home making to chance. I cannot see my young family grow in a disorganized and unsystematic home. I still want my home to be a place of haven for my family where it can thrive, find peace and rest.

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